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Major UFO Update Comes out, and It Might Involve Government Employees

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: SSSCCC

In a major update involving UFOs, more U.S. military and government officials might soon come forward with new information on the phenomenon. According to new reports, experts on the topic believe the annual Defense Authorization Bill will include information that lets current and former government employees and federal contractors reveal what they know about UFOs, also known as UAPs,

Next year, readers can see the specific provision in the National Defense Authorization Act. However, at this time, the U.S. Senate still needs to release its own version. Last week, Kevin McCarthy, Republican House minority leader, said he wanted to keep the bill from moving forward until 2023, when his party takes the reigns.

However, UAP expert Richard Lang said he has connections with people who know the otherworldly phenomenon they want to reveal to the world.

“If that language survives Congress and ends up being part of the act, then these guys are saying they’re going to start talking about stuff that’s happened,” Lang revealed before adding, “A lot of them are going to start talking.”

Susan Swiatek is the state director of Virginia’s chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, also known as MUFON. The organization is also the world’s largest and oldest UFO investigation group, comprised of civilians.

New government documents could be a major breakthrough for UFO enthusiasts

According to Swiatek, allowing people to talk openly about UFOs without fear of reprisal is a step in the right direction. In addition, she thinks it’s a sign that the U.S. government is being more open about talking about the strange phenomenon.

“A lot of different people are coming at this from different angles in the government and in the military complex, and it’s all good,” Swiatek said.

As for Swiatek, she loves the idea that UFOs are coming more into the mainstream. “Get some fresh air on the thing and the power of the bright sanitizing light of day, and maybe get some of this stuff more out in the open,” she said.

Earlier in November, both Lang and Swiatek spoke at the yearly “Mysteries of Space & Sky” conference on odd aerial sightings in Maryland. In the last five years, numerous developments have shown that the government and the public are taking the phenomenon more seriously.

For the first time in 50 years, this year, Congress had its first hearing about UFOs. Additionally, NASA formed a team to find ways to gather and analyze data on unidentified aerial objects.

Now, 16 researchers will spend the next nine months studying UFOs for the space agency. Hopefully, their studies will lead to a comprehensive report released to the public sometime next year. However, the study will not seek to conclude if former reports of UFOs were valid. Rather, they will seek to understand what observations are needed to understand the phenomena better.