Major Update Released on British Student Attacked by Bison in South Dakota

by Amy Myers

Following their daughter’s horrific accident with a bison in a South Dakota state park, the parents of Amelia “Mia” Dean have given a crucial update regarding the 19-year-old’s treatment.

Previously, the British student had embarked on a month-long journey to visit some of the U.S.’s state and national parks. On June 16, she reached Custer State Park in South Dakota with a friend and her dog. As they explored one of the park’s trails, the trio saw a bison off in the distance. According to the goring victim, the giant bovine charged 100 yards toward them and paused momentarily before driving its horn deep into the 19-year-old’s leg and flinging her in the air.

Since arriving at the local hospital, though, the bison attack survivor and her family have struggled to come up with the funds necessary to care for the teen’s extensive injuries.

Among the injuries Dean sustained, she had a severed femoral artery and damaged nerve endings. Doctors have declared that Dean’s leg is, indeed, partially paralyzed. In the days following their daughter’s accident, the Dean family created a GoFundMe page to help cover some of the hospital bills. So far, the family has raised £60,000 of their £140,000 goal amount.

Unfortunately, there has been a new development that has put even more pressure on Dean and her folks.

“The insurance company has given us an ultimatum: to fly Mia home by air ambulance this weekend, after which they will withdraw funding for her case,” the Dean family explained on the fundraiser page.

Bison Victim May Not Be Able to Receive Further Treatment in the U.S.

Though she is a British citizen, Dean has been receiving treatment in the U.S. for obvious reasons. However, after weeks in the state-side hospital, the family may have to uproot their teenager still in critical condition and take her back overseas.

They continued on their fundraiser page, “Our daughter’s health is our top priority and we want to get her home as safely as possible.”

But this necessary task comes with a huge price tag – an additional £100,000 to fly Dean home in an air ambulance. With no other options left, the family has decided to use the money raised for the ambulance instead of the specialist treatment at the Mayo Clinic.

“With so many unknowns for her future treatment needs, we feel we have little choice but to cancel Mia’s appointments at the Mayo Clinic next week,” the family of the bison victim said.

Dean’s parents may consider bringing her back to the States in the future for treatment, but for now, their priority is to get their 19-year-old home this weekend.

“It’s gutting, but we have to do what is best for Mia’s recovery with so little hard information available,” they said.