Mama Bear Struck & Killed on New Hampshire Highway, Cub Rescued by Wildlife Officials

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday morning, a car in New Hampshire struck and killed a mama black bear, but wildlife experts were able to rescue her cub. Following the tragic accident that took the female bear’s life, her cub would’ve been abandoned. Now, the young black bear has a chance at survival thanks to the wildlife experts.

The vehicle in the incident was driving on Route 16 in Wakefield, NH yesterday morning when it hit the mama bear. Following the fatal encounter, New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Law Enforcement Division shared details about the incident on Facebook.

The agency noted that rescuers found the bear cub roaming around Route 16 after the mama bear was killed. The post shared that the cub likely would’ve perished if officials didn’t rescue it. The agency worked together with the Black Bear Project and with a USDA bear technician to capture the cub. The department added that the cub will be rehabilitated until it gets old enough to survive on its own. Then, the cub will be released back into the wild.

“This morning a female bear was unfortunately hit and killed by a vehicle on Route 16 in Wakefield. A single cub was spotted in the area which unless caught and rehabilitated would most likely perish,” the agency reported on Facebook. “NH Fish and Game personnel, including CO Ken St.Pierre, Black Bear Project Leader Andrew Timmins, and USDA Bear Technician John Sojka were able to work together and capture the cub. This small male cub will be handed over to Ben Killham where it will be rehabilitated to an age where it can survive in the wild on its own. This is yet another example of how well our departments work together to effectively complete our common goal in the conservation of NH’s wildlife.”

Rescuers Find Mama Bear With Her Cubs at the Bottom of Connecticut Storm Drain

Thankfully, a mama black bear and her two cubs had a happier ending last month in Connecticut. After getting trapped in a neighborhood storm drain, local officials successfully rescued the three bears.

Residents in Simsbury, Connecticut woke up to strange sounds on one late August night. When they went outside to check, they were stunned to find a frantic black bear trapped in a nearby storm drain.

“When we put a flashlight down there, it was a tagged bear looking up at us. Which is the last thing you expect to see,” Scott Conrad told WFSB.

It seemed that the bear found its way into the drainage system from a stream in the area. Even worse, both the mama bear and her two cubs got trapped in the watery pipes. Residents called animal rescuers to the scene in an attempt to help free the animals. Both local and state environmental police officers and DEEP state biologists responded to the emergency calls.

After several failed attempts of removing the mama bear and her cubs, DEEP biologist Jason Hawley had an idea. He expertly mimicked a bear cub call from the street. That led the female bear to respond to what she thought was a cub in need.

The mama bear eventually appeared from the drain as you can see in the pictures above. Rescuers gave her space so she didn’t feel threatened by their presence. Once she came out, her cubs followed and all three ran back into the woods.

“We kind of chased them away from the storm drain before they could go back down,” Hawley recalled to the Hartford Courant. “Then we were able to cover it up and it was a happy ending.”