Mammoth Cave National Park To Begin Major Improvements on Underground Trail

by Jonathan Howard

One of Kentucky’s great outdoor… er underground, gems is getting a facelift. Mammoth Cave National Park is going to undergo major improvements. Kentuckians and visitors are going to be excited. The park means a lot to the region and the state.

If you aren’t from Kentucky, then Mammoth Cave National Park might not mean all that much to you. However, if you live within a comfortable bus ride of the park, it’s different. It is very likely you went there on a field trip in school if you lived in the Louisville Metro area. Learning about the stalactites and stalagmites, all the little blind insects and other things that call the cave home – it’s burned into my brain at least.

Funding from the Great American Outdoors Act is going to help this project with $6.5 million. There will be work done to one mile of trail. That goes from the New Entrance to the Frozen Niagara entrance. Mammoth Cave National Park is going to harden the trail, will replace stairways, and put in new benches. Upgrades to overlooks will also be done.

The park released a statement about the park and the improvements needed.

“The current trail has not seen any major improvement since the 1930’s when the Civilian Conservation Corps constructed the path used today,” Superintendent Barclay Trimble said. “Once this project is complete, we will have a safer and more comfortable tour route and provide even better protection to the cave’s sensitive resources for the next generation of care visitors.”

Mammoth Cave National Park is a vital piece of Kentucky culture and has been for a long time. While there hasn’t been a lot of work done recently, that’s thankfully going to change. Each year there are displays, shows, and other events held at the park.

Mammoth Cave National Park History

What is great is that it’s been just over 100 years since the New Entrance was created. Mammoth Cave National Park was on its way to becoming a popular destination. Since then, visitors have been fascinated by the park, cave, and all it has to offer.

“Discovered in 1921, the New Entrance section of Mammoth Cave was first developed by entrepreneur George Morrison as part of a private cave tourism business. The earliest trails in this area were crude stone walking paths.” Thankfully, the park has since been turned over to the public.

After these improvements are finished, the park hopes that future generations will be able to enjoy it for years to come. It isn’t just a short-term project. This thing is expected to last a long time.

“When this project is completed, the park expects to alleviate most of the existing resource impact issues and help to ensure a safe and high-quality visitor experience for at least the next 50 years,” the park concluded.