Man Armed With Knife Reportedly Fights Off Crocodile With Jaws Locked Around Friend’s Head

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Two Australia crab fishermen have been hospitalized after one brave man armed with a knife reportedly drove off an attacking crocodile after the reptile locked its jaws around his friend’s head.

According to Fox News, the two men had been crabbing aboard a small fishing boat near Horizontal Falls in the Kimberly Region of Western Australia when the attack occurred. An account of the terrifying incident comes from a tour operator at Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures in Australia.

Per the outlet, officials believe the crocodile launched itself at one man, wrapping its jaws around his head. The attack then spurred the other man into action. A third man uninvolved in the incident said that his son saw the attacking crocodile grab “one of [the men] by the head” and the other “[grab] a knife and [stab] this croc.”

Immediately following the attack, first responders transported both men to Broome Hospital. There, medical personnel began evaluations and treatment. However, at this time, there has been no update on either of the men’s conditions.

Boaters near the Cyclone Creek area in Talbot Bay overall have been warned to keep a watchful eye for crocodiles. Wildlife officials warned the public about a saltwater crocodile reportedly following and launching itself at small boats in the region.

Man Survives Elephant and Crocodile Attack, Loses Arm and Leg

For now, we await further news regarding the Australian fishermen’s conditions. However, one Zimbabwean fisherman has another interesting crocodile story after saving himself from both it and a charging elephant.

Winders Sianene, 34, had been making his way to a fishing spot outside the village of Mlibiz, Zimbabwe when an aggressive elephant noticed him. The massive creature then launched into a charge. Running for his life, Sianene believed his only chance to survive was to jump into a nearby river. However, soon after he began swimming away from the angry elephant, a crocodile latched onto his leg. It then began tearing at his left hand.

Despite the trauma of already being chased by an elephant and attacked by a crocodile, Sianene remained focused. Aware that crocodiles have small, sensitive tongues, the fisherman reached into the reptile’s mouth and grabbed it, forcing the crocodile to slow its attack.

“I climbed on the crocodile and tightly held its head as I shoved my right hand into its big mouth,” he recalled. “I knew I had to live at any cost. So I made sure to keep my hold intact.”

And cost him, it did. While Sianene essentially saved himself from what would typically be certain death, medical professionals were forced to amputate both his arm and his leg. Still, the Zimbabwean fisherman is just grateful to be alive.

“I now believe God works in mysterious ways because people rarely survive when they come across these two animals,” he reflected.