Man Arrested After Police Discover Crocodile in His Car

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)

A man in Chihuahua is now behind bars after the state police say they discovered a crocodile inside the man’s vehicle. 

According to KVIA, Chihuahua state police revealed that Miguel Angle M.M. was pulled over earlier this week. When authorities discovered the crocodile in the man’s vehicle, he offered 720 pesos and his cell phone to avoid arrest. Police also stated that the animal was discovered inside a box. It was secured along with the cell phone and money. The driver was then arrested. 

The National Library of Medicine reports that a total of 175 species of amphibians and reptiles are found in Chihuahua. Thirty-eight are amphibians, and 137 are reptiles. The Mexico Daily Post revealed in August 2022 that crocodile attacks are getting more and more frequent. This was after two American tourists were attacked and injured by a large reptile. The incident occurred while the men were staying at a resort in Puerto Vallarta. At the time of the scary encounter, the men had just entered the water. The reptile ended up biting one of the men on his abdomen, right arm, both legs, and chest. The other man ended up getting bit in the hand as he attempted to save his friend.

Earlier this month, a tourist from Florida was left seriously injured after a crocodile attacked him in Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, Mexico. While spending time at the La Lancha beach with friends, 24-year-old man Alexander Wayne was attacked as he was leaving the area. It was reported that Wayne was taken to Punta Mita hospital and had emergency treatment for “avulsive type” injuries to his lower area.

Man Killed By Crocodile While Swimming in Tamaulipas Lagoon 

Along with the attack in Puerto Vallarta, a man was killed by a crocodile while swimming in a Tamaulipas lagoon in August. 

Mexico News Daily reported at the time that the man had entered the Laguna del Carpintero (Carpenter’s Lake) in south Tampico around 8:30 a.m. He was unaware that a crocodile was swimming nearby. Following the attack, the reptile was reportedly seen “parading” the man’s body around the lake. 

The man’s body was eventually recovered near Volantín and the crocodile was captured. Emergency services personnel notably had to break through a drain to recover the body. 

It was also reported that at Laguna del Carpintero alone, three people have been killed in the last three years. In June 2021, a video showed a woman washing her clothes nearby. When a crocodile grabbed her by the leg and dragged her toward the water. 

Despite the attacks, a Profepa inspector stated that there was no plan to relocate the crocodiles. Matías Fernández Torres said the environmental agencies is unable to interfere with the reptile’s habitat. “It’s their habitat. We as an authority try to defend and protect the ecosystem that we have in this body of water [Laguna del Carpintero], for all the species that live there.”