Man Charged After Turning Dogs Loose on Deer, Killing More Than 30

by Craig Garrett
Stray dog stands and poses - stock photo

A man in central Mexico has been charged with animal cruelty after entering a nature park and allowing his dogs to kill 32 deer. On Wednesday, prosecutors in Puebla state announced that a man had entered a holding pen at the Volcanic Park in June with several dogs of various breeds. He allowed or encouraged them to bite and kill the deer, the AP News reports.

The only identifying information that has been released about the man is his first name and last initial, Ricardo N. This is in accordance with Mexican law. The state of Puebla prohibits animal cruelty. Those found guilty can face 4-8 years in prison for crimes resulting in an animal’s death.

On June 6, Ricardo N. illegally entered Volcanic Park Nature Park. The amusement park’s situated at the Pico de Orizaba’s base, Mexico’s tallest mountain. The park is home to many attractions, including a pen full of captive deer, zip lines, and rides. How Ricardo N. gained access to the pen full of deer is still unknown. According to El Universal, Ricardo N. brought in several different dog breeds. He encouraged them to bite and kill the deer. It is unclear what his motive was for this act.

Other incidents of dogs attcking deer

Last year, after two dogs killed deer in Jefferson County, Colorado Parks and Wildlife issued a warning to dog owners. In the fall of 2021, CPW recorded an incident in which a dog owner was cited for illegally taking a deer. This carries a fine of $959. He was also sited for negligently allowing their dog to harass wildlife. This carries a fine of $274.

Another dog-related incident occurred in which a deer was mortally wounded.

The identity of the dog and its owner are unknown. “A lot of owners don’t think that my dog can do this. Most dogs do have that predator-prey instinct in them,” said CPW’s Jason Clay. CPW stated that it is illegal to have a dog attack or chase wildlife and both actions will result in hefty fines.

However, it’s not uncommon for deers to be agressive towards dogs. In Wyoming, a deer killed a family’s dog last Sunday. Lacey Randall and her husband Matt Unrein heard a noise coming from the direction their 15-year-old dachshund Bella had gone. “All of a sudden, we heard her yelping and yelping and crying and crying,” Randall recalled. Unrein went outside to find a deer on the attack, KSL 5 reports.

“(Bella) was laying on her back, kind of in the defense mode, and the deer’s hooves were up and hitting, up and hitting,” Randall explained. The doorbell camera recorded the incident as it happened. The attack itself is not in the footage. However, the deer appears to size up the little dog. After the attack, Randall said that his 15-year old pet was never again the same.