Man Eating Bowl of Clams Accidentally Chomps Down on Rare Discovery Worth Thousands

by Shelby Scott
(Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Chances are that if you’re sitting down to enjoy a bowl of clams while on vacation, then your day’s already off to a good start. However, a Pennsylvania man’s feast of clams suddenly gave way to a special discovery when he chomped down on a several-thousand-dollar rare pearl. A jewelry appraiser shared footage of the rare pearl, which you can view below, in an increasingly popular TikTok video.

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According to The State, Scott Overland of Phoenixville, PA is the one who found the pearl. He had been eating clams while on vacation when his teeth cracked down on something incredibly hard.

“As I was eating the clams,” he recalled, “I bit down on something hard and thought it was a piece of shell. When we looked at it, it was actually purple.”

Examining the rare find before having it appraised, and before he even knew what he bit down on, he shared, “We initially thought it was something a chef had dropped in like a bead or piece of candy. My wife said it looked like one of those dot candies that you peel off of paper, because the back of it was flat and it was a very light shade of purple.”

A Tasty Clam Gives Way to a Rare Purple Pearl

What he found, instead of beads or candies, was even stranger. Per the outlet, Overland soon learned he had discovered a very rare, non-nacreous, purple Quahog pearl.

Overland took the pearl to Philadelphia Jewelry Appraisers where it was examined by Josh Hyman. According to the appraiser’s TikTok video, the PA man’s find is worth upwards of $4,000.

“This is probably the most special thing I have ever had,” he said. Appraising jewelry since 1992, he continued, “It’s a pretty rare thing to have in this world, and they’re super lucky that they didn’t swallow it, or break it with their teeth.”

Speaking about the pearl itself, he said in wonder, “This one is attractive. It’s a decent shape…not an oddball shape. It’s got a uniform, nice purple color.” Overall, he concluded the pearl is just a “really cool piece.”

Hyman further revealed in the TikTok video that the pearl would have been formed within a saltwater northern quahog clam.

Further, there’s something else remarkable about Overland’s discovery. More than anything, it’s pretty rare to find a pearl created by a quahog clam. That said, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) claims “tales of their accidental discovery while eating clams are not uncommon.”

Overall, the appraiser shared that Overland’s unique pearl weighs 1.49 carats. As beautiful as it is, the GIA received an even large rare purple quahog pearl via submission in 2015, weighing a much heavier 16.64 carats.