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Man Who Escaped Crocodile Attack Had to Wade Through Rapids to Get Away

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by ISHARA S. KODIKARA/AFP via Getty Images)

On Saturday (December 3), Kyle Hutchinson and two friends decided to spend the afternoon with one of their favorite pastimes: fishing. The trio set out for Ord River, a popular fishing spot in the state of Western Australia, in search of some quality time and relaxation.

As Hutchinson was walking through the water, he came across some rapids and, without thinking, stepped down into the cloudy depths. Unfortunately, rather than the river bed, his foot connected with an 8-foot saltwater crocodile.

Startled by the unwelcome intrusion, the reptile reared back and chomped down on the man’s leg, its razor-sharp teeth sinking deep into the skin. “I sort of stepped into a puddle that was a bit murky and I didn’t see into it too well,” Hutchinson explained to Newsweek. “And there was a 2, 2½-meter crocodile hiding in it, which just jumped out, had a bite of my knee, and took off.”

The fisherman’s shock and disbelief at the incident were so strong that, although the wound to his leg was quite severe, he didn’t feel any pain. At least, not right away. “I didn’t feel it for about half an hour because my heart rate was racing so quick,” he said.

Man Celebrates Surviving Crocodile Attack With a Round of Beers

Crocodile attacks are exceedingly rare, making Kyle Hutchinson an exceedingly unlucky fellow. That said, an argument could be made that, as croc attacks go, it was a best-case scenario for the outdoorsman. Saltwater crocodiles can grow upwards of 20 feet in length, more than capable of dragging a grown man to his death, should the mood strike. The ancient reptile on the receiving end of his boot was clearly annoyed, but not bloodthirsty.

But, as the three friends agreed, it was better to be safe than sorry. So rather than wait around to see if the crocodile came back for more, they made the grueling trek back through the rapids to the safety of the shoreline.

“We got ourselves a big stick and made our way back to the car,” Hutchinson recalled. “We had to cross a few more little bits of water, but we made it to [the] hospital.”

As the group neared the hospital, the adrenaline from the croc encounter wore off, leaving Kyle Hutchinson in an immense amount of pain. Thankfully, however, his injuries were non-life-threatening.

Medical staff at the nearby hospital cleaned and bandaged the wound before sending him on his way. After that, the friends immediately made for the local pub to celebrate Hutchinson’s conquering of his close brush with death.

As Hutchinson explained, there was no choice in the matter. “I don’t think too many had met someone who had a croc bite, then been to the pub after,” he said.

Though a little worse for wear, Hutchinson agrees that the crocodile attack could have been far worse. “[It was] a decent result in the scheme of things,” he said. “I was very lucky. If it was a big one, I could have had no leg or no heartbeat right about now.”