Man Found Guilty, Given Probation Following Olympic National Park Incident

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Harvey Meston/Archive Photos/Getty Images

A man from Washington state was found guilty of assaulting a woman at Olympic National Park. The park had to be evacuated because he was armed.

The man, 42-year-old Caleb Chapman, was high on methamphetamine when he went to a stranger’s home armed. He shared a letter with the person, detailing his concerns politically and sharing that he believed a revolution would take place at Olympic Peninsula.

Chapman then drove to Olympic State Park with his girlfriend, cutting down a tree in the process to block roadways. He had told the stranger that she was going to die in the revolution, and when she called 911, he threw a can of soup at her, which cut up her leg.

The man was then accused of slamming her head into the car seat before taking off into the woods with nine guns and a ton of ammo. Officials had to evacuate visitors from the park and close down a portion of it entirely. Chapman was found by a drone a few days later, which he shot at, but eventually, he surrendered.

“Mr. Chapman’s conduct put many people at risk and spread fear in the community. When he disabled the communications system for the eastern section of the park, he disrupted the ability of park staff to call for help,” U.S. Attorney Nick Brown said to the Associated Press. “He has spent time since his arrest working to be drug free. We wish him success in that effort.”

U.S. District Judge Robert J. Bryan shared that Chapman has received three years of probation. He also stated that if he does not follow the terms of the probation, he faces prison time. Chapman had spent three months in federal detention at the time of his sentencing.

Olympic National Park Closes Recreational Fishing in Most Rivers and Streams

An emergency fishing closure was issued on October 6 at Olympic National Park. The park did this because the water is at a low level due to a drought. They need to protect the fish populations.

The park shared the news to its Instagram page, writing: “EMERGENCY FISHING CLOSURE. Severe drought conditions have reduced river flows dramatically, and to protect fish populations, an emergency closure of recreational fishing is going into effect on most rivers and streams in Olympic National Park. Learn more at the link in our bio.”

They shared more information in a press release.

“This year’s severe drought conditions have reduced river flows to at or near historic low levels. This emergency closure is designed to protect fish in areas where severe conditions have reduced river flows to historical low levels,” they explained in the release. “Low water conditions may impede upstream spawning migrations and also increase the vulnerability of salmonids to angling as fish concentrate in smaller and smaller pools. The broad application of this closure is necessary to address angling pressure during these extreme low-flow conditions to better protect Pacific salmon, steelhead trout, and federally threatened bull trout in the park’s rivers and creeks. This closure is consistent with our cooperative managers.”