Man Mauled to Death by Lions While Trying to Steal Cub From the Zoo

by Megan Molseed

A man was attacked and mauled to death by a lion at the Accra Zoo in Ghana after an apparent attempt to steal one of the lion’s young cubs. Officials say that the man estimated to be in his 30s jumped over the security fences and into the lion enclosure.

Zookeepers Discover Man’s Body Inside The Lion Enclosure In A Ghana Zoo

Zookeepers at the Accra Zoo in Ghana discovered the man’s mauled body in the lion enclosure Monday afternoon. Reports note that the lions attacked the man after he broke into the lion’s area at the Ghana zoo.

“The intruder was attacked and injured by one of the lions, within the inner fencing of the enclosure,’ notes a statement from the Forestry Commission. The Forestry Commission is the state agency in charge of Ghana’s wildlife. Updates on the tragic event note that the lion, the lioness, and the two young cubs remain secure in their enclosure. Even after the discovery of the man’s body.

Officials Coax The Animals Into A Secure Area After The Attack

Upon discovering the body in the lion enclosure, zookeepers were able to coax all four animals, the lion, lioness, and cubs away from the man’s body. Moving the animals into a secure hold. While the animals stood secure in an enclosure, police officers retrieved the body and took it to a local morgue.

‘We’re investigating the case to establish how the man got into the restricted area,’ notes a police spokesperson commenting on the incident.

Following the mauling death, the Accra Zoo and the Forestry Commission

A police spokesman said: ‘We’re investigating the case to establish how the man got into the restricted area.’

The Forestry Commission and the Accra Zoo officials note that safety is a priority. Additionally, professionals are making every effort to “ensure all facilities remain secure'”. The commission further reassures the public that no lion has escaped its enclosure.

The Accra Zoo was established in the early 1960s by Ghana’s then-president Kwame Nkrumah. Initially, the zoo was a private establishment. However, the zoo soon became a public facility after the overthrowing of Nkrumah in 1966.

Maulings Are A Rare Occurrence, But They Have Been Known To Occur

It is very rare that people are mauled by animals held within zoo walls or other enclosures. However, it is known to happen from time to time. In fact, on Sunday, a Swedish employee of one of the country’s animal parks was gored to death by a large antelope.

And, earlier this summer a private zookeeper was mauled by a tiger while petting the animal during feeding time. In June, a keeper at a private zoo was mauled by a tiger as he patted it during feeding time.