Man Recalls Being ‘Frozen’ in Terror at ‘UFO Sighting’ Above His Home

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Digital Art/Getty Images)

A man in Clifton, a suburb of Bristol in the UK, claims he had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Gerry Woodcock recalled the moment to the Nottingham Post recently, explaining that he saw a UFO over his yard four years ago.

“What I saw was a big orange ball, about as big as two airliners, followed by two more grey objects. It came from the west and went towards the east,” 89-year-old Woodcock explained. “It was unreal, I was frozen to the ground it was so vivid. The clouds were at a medium height and it was just above them. It was absolutely round, there was no noise just moving. They were not of this world.”

He recalled that he saw the objects upon returning to his house. They moved slowly for about two minutes, and then all shot off at the same time, disappearing.

“I have seen something that probably no one else has seen,” said Woodcock. “I looked up and thought ‘oh my god’ it was marvellous, I was rooted to the ground, I just watched them. You can’t talk about it because people think you’re stupid, I mentioned it to a friend and they said ‘you’re joking’.” Woodcock hopes that by sharing his UFO story, he’ll encourage other people to share theirs.

UK Man Recalls Seeing a UFO Over His Yard Four Years Ago

Woodcock’s son, Tony, said that the incident bothered his father for a long time. “It was an unusual thing that he saw and he can’t let it go,” he said. “Every so often he’ll mention it, he watches UFO documentaries since he saw that. He realised that there are UFOs out there. I believe him,” Tony continued, “I believe that there are objects that we don’t know what they are. I do believe in them and my dad wouldn’t lie about something like that. He’s still all there, he just wants someone to talk to about it. When you see something like that it’s hard to keep it to yourself.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Daniel Brown, an associate professor in astronomy at Nottingham Trent University, tried to speculate an explanation for the UFO. “Circular seems to imply that it could have been a bright light source that might have been observed out of focus,” he said. “Possibly having something that bright and observing it through another medium like a camera, glasses or even a window can cause ghost images to be noted, that are caused by multiple reflections. The path of the object is unclear only that it lasted for two minutes and it seemed to then accelerate.”

Dr. Brown stressed that while he was speculating about the source of the UFO and throwing out theories, he does not actually believe the sighting was of an alien spacecraft. Mr. Woodcock and his son, however, are firm believers that there is alien life out there that we haven’t yet discovered.