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Man Risks His Life to Save ‘Drowning’ Sheep Chased Into River by Aggressive Dog

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Pavel Matejka / EyeEm

An unknown good samaritan was shown on camera rescuing a sheep as it drowned. The event took place in a UK river in North Yorkshire. Before, an aggressive dog chased the animal into the river. Immediately, the mystery hero ran into the freezing cold water to save the farm animal.

According to reports from bystander Leslie Flower, who captured the moment on camera, the animal entered the swiftly-moving river. Before, the dog chased the sheep into the water. Then, as the animals started drowning, the heroic man swam through rapids and brought the animal to shore.

Flower later said he didn’t know the name of the courageous man but said it wasn’t the dog’s owner. However, Flower hopes the mystery man will be recognized for his valiant fearlessness.

“This chap risked his life to save the sheep, and at no point did he think of his own safety,” Flower said. “He was so brave and deserved to be recognized for his brave achievement.”

Flower, who lives in North Wales, was in the area on Saturday when he witnessed the incredible moment at Linton Falls.

Bystander recounts moment heroic man rescues drowning sheep from rapids

He said: “We noticed a dog which had escaped from its owner, chasing a sheep along the river bank. The sheep eventually ran into the river with the dog barking and biting it and being so scared it ran towards the fast-flowing part of the river with the dog also following it.”

As Flower recalls, the intense rapids carried both the man and the sheep downriver as the sheep struggled to swim on its own. Meanwhile, the dog stayed on the shoreline as the sheep turned itself upside down. The sheep’s heavy wool weighed down the animal, only hindering it from swimming to safety.

“Its head was under water and it was drowning,” said Flower. Then, when it was almost too late, the man jumped in and rescued the helpless creature.

“A chap on the bank [not the owner of the dog] had seen this happening and ran into the water to save the sheep,” Flower said about the intense moment. According to Flower, the man ran into the water despite the fast-moving rapids, wading in the ice-cold water. Then, at one point, he even fell into the freezing water. Finally, he reached the panicking sheep, turned it over to help it breathe, dragged it to the river bank, and began helping it recover.

Before the incident, someone else had been seen walking the aggressive dog. Then, it somehow got out of its collar and ran after the farm animal. Now, Flower hopes the scary incident will remind dog owners to keep their pets on a leash no matter what.