Man Struck by Lightning Through Open Living Room Window While Playing Video Games

by Sean Griffin

A man from the United Kingdom was struck by lightning while playing video games in his home. He was rushed to the emergency room after the incident, which occurred last Monday.

The man named Aiden Rowan heard a huge crack followed by a “heavy jolting sensation,” around 10:30 p.m while playing PlayStation.

“So, I am absolutely not one for sympathy posts, I had to share this because of how insane it is,” gamer and cosplayer Rowan, 33, wrote to his 13,900 on Instagram followers. “[There was] a loud bang and … 5 hours at the hospital confirmed that I was STRUCK BY LIGHTNING through the open window! Never going to play cute cat games during a thunderstorm again. I’m fine, just very sore, hell of a headache and burn stripes down my arm.”

“It took about a minute to come back to my senses, I felt very, very confused,” Rowan told Metro. “I went upstairs and asked my husband for a wet towel as I didn’t know what had happened but my arm was burning.”

Rowan’s husband Aaron immediately realized what had happened and rushed him to the hospital.

“We got to the reception and Aaron said something had happened and it may have been a lightning strike and everyone turned to look at me,” Rowan said. “I was rushed through to an assessment room and they said it does look like it was a lightning strike. Nine doctors from different departments came to look at me and I was put on a heart monitor and had some blood tests.”

Photos of Rowan’s recovery and some of his injuries can be viewed here.

Lightning Strike Victim Talks About Recovery

Rowan’s doctors think the lightning bounced off water and through the window. They claim this happened because of the heatwave the UK has been experiencing recently, causing the ground to harden.

“We just couldn’t really process it at the time,” Rowan said. “After a few days, it started to mentally affect me, realizing that I could have died.”

However, he eventually physically recovered. He sustained a few cuts on his left and a small burn on his right hand.

Rowan’s friends continue reminding him to look on the brighter side of the horrid incident.

“My friends were very concerned, especially in the first few days, but once people realized I was OK there have been quite a few jokes about Thor,” he joked. “That’s the last time I play a cute cat game during a thunderstorm, I think!”

Lightning strikes more people than you’d think, and in the last several weeks, the US has seen multiple lightning strike victims.

Three people died during a fatal lightning strike near the White House in August. A fourth victim survived the ordeal.

Lighting strikes some 25 million times a year in the US, according to the National Weather Service. They kill an average of 47 people annually.