Maryland Angler Absolutely Smashes State Swordfish Record After Five-Hour Battle

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

It was a marathon battle for one angler while nabbing a record-breaking swordfish right off the Maryland coast recently. In fact, this catch isn’t just record-breaking…it’s a record-smashing catch as the swordfish shatters the former record by over 90 pounds.

An Angler Scores In A Marathon Battle – Leading To Record-Shattering Catch

When Jeff Jacobs hit the waters off the coast of Maryland recently, he knew he wanted to catch some of the biggest fish out there. He had no idea, however, that this would become a literal event as he would soon real in a massive swordfish, topping the area’s current record.

The recent catch, a 393-pound swordfish did not come easily for Jacobs either. Both the fish and the angler were dedicated to the struggle. Fighting each other for five hours. The fish hoping to remain in the ocean and the angler hoping to pull it onto his vessel.

The battle occurred as the 38-year-old angler set out on the charter vessel RoShamBo. According to Jacobs, the swordfish “jumped out of the water.” According to Jacobs, the impressive billfish was clearly a good size, looking “like a Volkswagen,” as it jumped from the sea.

Giving Up “Wasn’t An Option”

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources shared the impressive record-breaking catch late this week. The RoShamBo charter was actually headed back to shore when the swordfish made its presence known.

According to the charter vessel’s captain, Willie Zimmerman, the charter was returning to the Maryland port after an 8-hour long tour off Ocean City. However, the fishermen soon learned that the trip was far from over. Soon, the group spotted the swordfish as it slammed into a blue and white skirted eel, reports note.

Jacobs may have been exhausted from the long excursion. However, a dedicated angler, he quickly sprang into action…setting his sights on the billfish.

According to Jacobs, “giving up was not an option” as he fought the fish using his tow-speed Shimano reel.

“When we saw it we all knew it was a state record,” the angler relates.

This Latest Catch Beats The Current State Record By Over 90 Pounds!

The 393-pound swordfish was weighed on a certified scale, making everything official. And, a DNR biologist confirmed the catch. The previous swordfish state record was set in 2021. This catch involved a 301-pound swordfish that was caught off the Ocean City coast.