Massive 8-Foot Crocodile Wanders Into Sleeping Family’s Home

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Sanka Vidanagama/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Picture this. You’re peacefully sleeping in your bed when, all of a sudden, you awake to the sound of distressed goats. Only then do you find a crocodile has invaded your home. What do you do?

Well, per the news outlet Mirror, who reported on this very story out of the Indian village of Jaitia, it’s probably a good idea to call the local wildlife department.

According to the outlet, Harnam Singh and his family were asleep in their Etawah home in the state of Western Uttar Pradesh when the former heard their goats outside bleating. Singh took note of the distressed livestock around 10:30 p.m. Saturday night. Getting up to check on them, Singh came upon a frightful sight, locating a large 8-foot crocodile near his goats. Soon, the reptile, later found to be a juvenile, made his way into the home and, essentially, forced everyone out.

After safely evading the crocodile, the family called the police who told them to trap the croc in their house. In the meantime, they and their goats spent the night outside.

“We don’t know how it entered the house,” Singh told media outlets. “When we heard the goats bleating at night, we realised something is wrong and found a crocodile.”

The outlet reported that Singh’s daughter heard her grandmother screaming, and when she went to investigate, that was when the juvenile reptile entered the room. Unfortunately for the family, they were forced to wait outside all night as wildlife officials didn’t come to handle the reptilean invader until early Sunday morning.

Crocodile and Hyena Share a Meal in Discomforting Video

Fortunately, the Singhs managed to avoid any actual contact with the reportedly “aggressive” crocodile. However, in another encounter, one unknown creature was not so lucky, a crocodile and a hyena quickly turning it into a fast meal.

The clip above sees a crocodile and a hyena, an extremely unlikely pair, tearing one unfortunate animal to shreds. One moment sees the croc thoroughly enjoying his meal as he makes eye contact with the hyena, non-verbally warning the scavenger to maintain its distance.

The hyena, on the other hand, seems irritated that it has to share its meal with the crocodile. However, given that hyenas are scavengers, it’s likely the croc made the kill and the hyena is only there for the picked-over bits. Either way, it’s extremely strange to see the furred and scaled creatures almost cordially sharing a meal.

Viewers were equally surprised to see such infamous predators sharing a meal.

“I’m surprised that the crocodile didn’t go after the hyena,” one commenter said. Another more pointedly stated, “This is f—ing nuts.”