Massive Amount of Great White Shark Sightings Reported Off the Coast of Cape Cod

by Jonathan Howard

The northeast has been seeing a lot more sharks lately. That includes Cape Cod where beaches were temporarily shut down after sightings. It’s a tricky situation when you have to coexist with these large predators. The outdoors is a dangerous place at times. Great white sharks are known to be more aggressive, and when we think of shark attacks, that’s usually what we picture. However, there have been many sharks seen in the Massachusetts area.

Within just two days, between August 2 and 3, there were 30 great white sharks seen lurking in the waters off of Cape Cod. Some were closer to the shore than others. Meanwhile, Nantucket had quite a wildlife view. A hammerhead shark made its way to the waters and was photographed swimming by.

With all of the activity, some folks are wondering why. This is an area that has a lot of high-end communities, such as Martha’s Vineyard. Beaches this time of year are usually packed with visitors, but it also happens to be shark season. From August to October, these giant apex predators swim the waters of New England.

One expert, shark biologist Dan Abel of Coastal Carolina University explained why these sightings are happening.

“They go where there’s food. [The sharks] go where they may mate; which may be an area we’re ignorant of.

“They go where they may have their babies, and again, this is another area we’re not certain of; and those are sort of the reasons they migrate. To eat, mate, and to have babies.”

And, it isn’t just Cape Cod that is going through these major sightings. There have been many videos coming out of other areas in the northeast. Mainly, New York City.

Sharks Terrify at New York Beach

Over by Fire Island, New York beachgoers were having a nice day when there was a group of 12-foot sharks that decided they were going to prowl around for a meal or two. The temperatures might be hot outside, but that doesn’t mean that the sharks are going to stop doing what they do. Folks watched as the beasts made their way through the water, five in total.

While these sightings have caused some people to lose out on beach time, it isn’t all bad news. We like to think that we are the masters of our own dominion, but there are forces of nature that would say otherwise. However, one take on this is that it’s actually a good sign.

A naturalist and professor at Stony Brook University’s Marine Sciences Center put it pretty simply. The high number of sharks shows that waterways are likely more clean than previously. The way Christopher Paparo puts it, the sightings “shows a clean environment.” A little glimmer of hope in nature as we see floods and wildfires around the nation.

Still, if you find yourself in an area with sharks, pay attention to warnings and signs. Stay aware of your surroundings, and get the heck out of there whenever you need to.