Massive Bear Sighting in South Carolina Neighborhood Draws DNR Warning

by Chris Haney

On Thursday morning, a local South Carolina man was left stunned after encountering an enormous black bear by his home. Following the bear sighting, he warned the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources about the huge animal’s presence.

Zach Clardy spoke with NBC affiliate and local Greenville, SC outlet WYFF News 4 about his encounter. He told the news station that he witnessed and took photos of “what may be the largest back bear in the state.” Clardy shared that he came across the giant black bear in Landrum off Highway 11.

The news station asked Clardy if he also happened to capture any footage of the huge animal. Clardy responded, “Honestly, I was in such shock I almost didn’t think to (even) take pictures.”

DNR Experts Are Analyzing the Bear Sighting Photos

Following the encounter, Clardy says he sent photos of the beast to the state’s DNR. He wanted the department to be aware of the humongous black bear roaming the area.

DNR employee Greg Lucas was in contact with Clardy about the photos and commented, “It is indeed big!” Lucas went on to share the photos with bear experts who work for the DNR. He’s still waiting for the experts to analyze the pictures and give him a weight estimate and a comparison in size to other bears in the state.

Lucas shared further information about local black bears, which can be found on The organization notes that September is a busy time of year for bears as they “go into eating hyperdrive.” Ahead of hibernation during winter months, bears are extremely active as they constantly hunt for food resources.

“Bears enter hyperphagia in September and may look for food up to 20 hours a day,” according to “Berries, nuts and acorns are important fall bear foods. Bears can gain two to three pounds a day. Even bears that don’t hibernate eat as if they’re going to. Moms-to-be look for a good birthing den and nursery.”

Black Bear Charges at Man in His Front Yard and It’s Caught on Video

While most black bear encounters end in the animal scurrying off without any issues, a man learned the hard way that if they feel threatened, they’ll stand their ground.

Earlier this month, a man in Lake Tahoe recorded his encounter with a fully grown adult black bear in his neighborhood. The huge animal is seen wandering around the front yard as the man gets dangerously close while filming. Early on in the clip, the bear bluff charges at the man. You’d think that would be enough to send the man back inside to safer quarters, but he unwisely stayed put and kept recording.

“Holy [expletive],” the man says after the bear got aggressive. “He tried to charge me. I’m not scared of you.”

A report from Unofficial Networks quoted the man talking about the black bear sighting. He recalled the encounter and admitted he’s glad the bear didn’t actually go through with charging at him.

“I was walking outside and low and behold a big black bear was in my front yard! I went to take a video of him, and he was not too keen on the bear paparazzi and charged me! Thank god he didn’t follow thru or I’d be lunch,” the man said.