Michigan DNR Busts Poachers, Seize 460 Pounds of Salmon

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Jeff T. Green/Getty Images

Poachers have been caught in Michigan. The Michigan DNR busted them, and ended up seizing 640 pounds of salmon from them.

According to a press release, officers Josiah Killingbeck and Scott MacNeill were flagged down while doing a standard fish patrol. The angler who flagged them down gave them a tip about a group using “unspecified illegal tackle.”

“There is a large amount of coho and Chinook salmon running the local rivers this time of year, attracting anglers from across the country to be a part of one of Michigan’s finest fishing adventures,” the DNR’s Sgt. Grant Emery said in the release. “While we’ve seen a decrease in illegal fishing activity over the years, unfortunately, we still run into illegal and unconventional methods.”

The officers then went to the group to confirm the tip given to them. According to the press release, several people in the group attempted to break off their fishing lines. They did this to hide the illegal gear they were using from the officers. After interviewing the group, the officers discovered that they did not have a legal fishing license. Not only that, but they also used illegal tackle and “possessed 17 salmon taken by an illegal method.”

The group came clean, admitting to guilt. They then brought the officers back to their cars where more illegally-caught fish were in coolers. The amount of fish they had added up to 463 pounds.

“It’s a shame that this group invested so much time and money to travel all the way to Michigan only to illegally take these salmon, a valuable, public natural resource,” Emery said. “We are grateful for the angler who approached Killingbeck and MacNeill, which allowed them to recover the fish with enough time to safely donate to local families in need.”

Tennessee Poachers Leave Live Deer With Crossbow in Head

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) has been investigating an incident that happened back in September.

Residents saw a deer with a crossbow bolt stuck in its head and reported it to the TWRA. Many calls also reported seeing the deer in distress, at which point the TWRA stepped in.

“They did tranquilize the animal using a dart gun, and when they inspected the wound, they realized that it had missed a lot of vital areas. It didn’t hit any blood vessels or veins. The broadhead was lodged in its lower jaw,” TWRA spokesperson Barry Cross said.

Thankfully, they were able to remove the bolt from the deer’s head, and applied medicine. Additionally, whoever left the bolt will be held responsible if the deer dies.

“If the animal does die, then they’ll have to pay restitution — $1,000 for the deer itself, and then $500 for each antler point,” Cross said.