Michigan Man Dies After Hitting Deer, Getting Out of Car on Highway

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ MattGush)

Tragedy struck one Michigan county recently when a tragic series of events leaves a driver dead. The Isabella County Michigan crash turned deadly after the driver collided with a deer along highway US 127. According to the authorities, the driver was headed northbound on the busy roadway at around 7 a.m. Monday.

Originally, first responders responded to a call regarding a vehicle versus deer crash. However, while the emergency responders were en route to the accident, they learned that someone was outside of one of the vehicles. This person appeared to be unconscious and not moving.

Deer Collision Leads To Deadly Chain Reaction

As the responding officials arrived at the crash sight they found a 33-year-old man on the roadway. The first responders determined that the man was deceased. As investigators looked at the events, it was determined that the deceased driver struck a deer along the highway.

The man then stepped out of his vehicle while it was still parked in the roadway, officials note. Then, a 77-year-old driver collided with the vehicle that was stopped in the highway lane. The driver of the second car didn’t see the stopped car on the highway until it was too late, but she did swerve in an effort to miss the car. However, the tragic events continued as in the effort to avoid the car stopped on the highway, the second driver struck the man standing nearby instead.

The Initial Vehicle’s Lights Were Disabled At The Time Of The Deadly Crash

According to the officials responding to the tragic collision, the original vehicle was without the necessary equipment such as headlights and tail lights. Both had been disabled when the collision with the deer occurred. Furthermore, these were also not working when the second crash occurred.

Officials have noted that the weather conditions when the original vehicle collided with the deer were dark and rainy. Furthermore, the collision occurred in an unlit area of the expressway. Making an unlighted vehicle near impossible to see in time to come to a full stop.

The Sheriff’s deputies rerouted traffic while investigating the scene. Another accident occurred at this time when a vehicle collided with a parked patrol car that was set up in the roadway in order to direct traffic. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this incident.

The 77-year-old driver from the original incident was taken to the hospital with injuries while the driver of the pickup turned down medical treatment options at the scene of the crash.