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Michigan Officials on the Hunt for Deer With Halloween Bucket Stuck Over Mouth

by Taylor Cunningham

Officials in Bloomfield Township, MI, are on the hunt for a young deer with a Halloween bucket stuck over its face.

While the holiday was more than a month ago, deer are apparently still falling victim to plastic trick-or-treating pumpkins. A homeowner caught the latest situation on their security camera and shared the footage on Facebook. Now, hundreds of concerned people are calling on authorities to find and save the poor, starving animal.

“We have a wildlife emergency in my neighborhood!” Amber Ficarro wrote. “Our poor little doe STILL has the Halloween bucket over her face! The first documented sighting of her was on Thursday, December 1st, she has not been able to eat or drink for at least 5 days!”

“Our local animal welfare people say they don’t have the ability to use a tranquilizer dart. We have contacted the local PD, animal welfare, and Michigan Humane…no one seems to be able to help!” she added.

Local Volunteers and Several State Agencies Are Looking For the Deer

The Detroit Free Press reported that volunteers, local police and firefighters, and workers with The Bloomfield Township Animal Welfare department set out to rescue the deer. But as of Tuesday afternoon (Dec. 6), they had yet to see any signs of it.

Ficarro gave an update at 3 pm on Tuesday that said the fire department is now using its thermal imaging drone to look for the deer.

Nick Solui, a Community Relations Officer for Bloomfield Township, told the newspaper that he called the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Detroit Zoo for further help. But he explained there isn’t “a whole lot” more than can be done.

The Facebook post shows screenshots of the doe standing at a doorstep. The plastic pumpkin is covering the animal’s face up to its eyes. And a plastic strap is securing the container to its head.

Solui said that officials are encouraging people to wait for the deer to become weak enough to allow someone to easily intervene. He also shared that the animal may be able to free itself from the bucket with time. The strap is not over its ears. It is gripping its forehead, which means it could slide down and allow the doe to wiggle free.

“That’s kind of the only advice we’ve heard with it being a plastic strap,” he added. “They’re hoping it will kind of wear down and free itself. I know it’s kind of the ugly truth, but there’s not much we can do.”