Michigan Teen Killed After Mistaking Fallen Power Line for Stick in Her Backyard

by Sean Griffin

In a tragic scene on Monday, a teenage girl was fatally electrocuted after coming in contact with a downed power line. The line had fallen as a result of a heavy thunderstorm in Monroe, Michigan, according to local authorities.

The Monroe Public Safety Department said on Facebook that the 14-year-old girl, who has not been identified, was walking with a friend in her backyard. They “believed they could smell a bonfire.”

She then “reached for what she thought was a stick, however, it was the charged electrical line,” authorities stated in the news release.

Upon their arrival, emergency personnel discovered the teen. They stated she “was still in contact with the energized electrical line.” Energy crews then arrived to disconnect the power lines so that emergency personnel could attend to the victim.

Once it was safe to approach, police said “it was obvious that she had succumbed to her injuries.”

The victim’s family was on the scene as the incident occurred, police wrote. They added that Monroe Police chaplains provided “support for the family through this very difficult situation.”

Monroe Police detectives remained on the scene to complete the investigation, according to the news release.

Michigan Teen’s Death Comes After Powerful Midwest Storm System

On Facebook, hundreds of commenters expressed their grief and sympathy for the victim and families involved.

“This is heartbreaking,” one Facebook user wrote, lamenting their grief for the passing of the Michigan teen. “My prayers go out to the victim’s family.

Other users expressed their thoughts and prayers for the family. Some also commented that the first responders also need to be remembered after such a horrific incident.

“Truly horrendous,” one person said. “Her family and friends and the emergency crews who arrived on the scene all need love and support after this tragedy.”

Another person echoed the same sentiments, writing: “How devastating. Praying so incredibly hard for this family.”

Unfortunately, recent storms across the country, specifically the Midwest, have ravaged communities in recent days.

On Monday, a powerful storm system moved across the Midwest, according to NBC News. Over 630,000 people lost their power in Michigan. Not only did it damage Michigan, but the storm also wreaked havoc in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

NBC News reported that one woman died after being crushed by a falling tree a backyard in Ohio. Her name hasn’t been released. Toledo Fire Chief Allison Armstrong confirmed the woman’s death to WTOL.

Urging people to stay safe, Armstrong said to “always pay attention to the weather.”

“Weather can come fast, winds can come fast, so you always just want to pay attention to your surroundings and try to be in a safe place if you can,” the fire chief added.