Millions of Tiny Fire Ants Are ‘Falling From the Sky’ in Hawaii

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Ramakrishna Bhat)

A Hawaiian vacation is a dream come true for many people. The tropical islands are popular places for people to visit. Especially for those looking for some perfect weather and luxurious fun in the sun. However, there is a very strange issue developing in these areas. Causing officials to warn people of what they call “ant rain.”

Hawaii Is Facing A Painful Issue As “Ant Rain” Continues To Be A Concern

That’s right, Hawaiian visitors and residents alike are being warned to be on the lookout for fire ants as they rain down from the trees. According to reports, millions of these tiny fire ants are taking over trees in Hawaii’s Wailua River State Park. This area is located in the eastern area of Kauai which sits about six miles north of Lihue. Officials are warning visitors to the park to be hyper-vigilant of the fire ants.

Officials note that the bugs are losing their grip on the trees and plants. Consequently, this leads to them tumbling down – “falling from the sky.” As if that isn’t creepy enough, the ants are the fire kind so as they rain down on people the warnings note.

This Fire Ant Infestation Is The Islands Largest One To Date

The fire ant invasion is the largest recorded infestation on the island to date. And it could bring with it some dire effects officials explain.

These little fire ants deliver a big sting, officials say. And according to a statement the stings could lead to long-term issues in pets as well as have devastating effects on surrounding vegetation and homes.

“LFA (Little Fire Ants) can produce painful stings and large red welts and may cause blindness in pets,” warns the statement.

“They can build up very large colonies on the ground,” the release continues. “In trees and other vegetation, and inside buildings and homes and completely overrun a property.”

The fire ants are native to South America. However, they are top of the list of the world’s most invasive species. The tiny bugs have been known to infest homes, including beds and furniture as well as cause damage to crops.

Some Hawaiian organizations are combating these infestations by providing test kits that could detect the tiny ants. People can collect ants that appear on properties and send them to the Island’s Invasive Species Committee or the Hawaii Ant Lab for identification.