Minnesota County Urges Hunters to Stop Putting Deer Heads in the Recycling Bin

by Taylor Cunningham
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Otter Tail County, Minnesota, officials recently released a statement they likely thought they’d never have to write—”Don’t you dare put that deer head in the recycling bin!”

Apparently, the county has been having issues with people putting several unpleasant things inside their bins each week. And most of those things are bloody animal parts. The workers who have to deal with the messes are fed up. So officials took to their various social media sites and posted a warning.

“Yes, we do see animal parts such as heads or legs EVERY hunting season, but there is no reason for anyone to put those things in the recycling. Our staff needs to physically remove each item that doesn’t belong in the recycling. Deal with your own deer head so they don’t have to,” the posts read.

Aside from deer heads, among the items that people have been improperly disposing of are deer legs and hides. They have also been throwing dead geese and ducks into the bins along with “bloody cardboard from butchering.”

Colorado Officials Search For Deer with Plastic Halloween Pumpkin Stuck on Head

In other strange deer-related news, officials in Parker, Colorado, spent part of their Halloween season searching for deer with a blue plastic jack-o-lantern on its nose.

The situation was worrisome for both wildlife officials and residents because, without intervention, the animal could have starved.

But while several people spotted the buck, officers had trouble tracking it down. Because it could still hear and see, it was evading help.

“The problem is it’s still mobile,” said Colorado wildlife officer Katie Doyle. “So it’s hard for us to keep up with it and get it in a situation where we can safely remove [the pumpkin].”

There has been no update on the deer in November. Nonetheless, the situation should be an eye-opening reminder that holiday decorations can be dangerous for wildlife. And this year wasn’t the first time a deer has ended up with a pumpkin stuck on its face nor will it be the last.

As Christmas approaches, Doyle suggests that people hang their lights at least 8 feet off the ground. Because the animals commonly get tangled in the wires. And when next Halloween comes around, keep fake cobwebs and other decorations out of areas where deer may travel.

“It’s really important that people are aware that if they live around wildlife that they have objects taken inside or not put in places where wildlife will get into it,” she told Fox News 2.