Minnesota Hunter Dies After Potentially Suffering Medical Emergency in Tree Stand

by Samantha Whidden
Photo by Matt McClain/ The Washington Post via Getty Images

A 65-year-old Minnesota hunter tragically passed away earlier this month after potentially suffering a medical emergency in a tree stand. According to the Brainerd Dispatch, the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, the incident with the hunter occurred in Minnesota’s Crooked Lake Township on November 7th. Someone called 9-1-1 and reported a hunting accident. Deputies and first responders arrived on the scene and discovered a man had fallen out of a tree stand.

Although CPR and other lifesaving efforts were attempted, the Minnesota hunter was pronounced dead at the scene. The man’s hunting party also called the sheriff’s department when the man did not return from the morning hunt. However, Cass County Sheriff Tom Burch the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office released the body to the funeral home. There will be no further investigation into the incident.

Along with the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, others assisting on the scene were the Crooked Lake Fire Department, Outing Quick Response, Remer Ambulance, and North Memorial Health Air Care.

Following the Minnesota Incident, an Indiana Hunter Was Also Seriously Injured in a Tree Stand Accident

Meanwhile, NWI.com reported that a hunter from Whiting, Indiana was also seriously injured by a tree stand fall while hunting for deer. This happened nearly a week after the Minnesota hunter accident.

This incident occurred on Saturday (November 12th) just after 9:30 a.m. The hunter was later identified as 71-year-old Daniel Badia. Indiana Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement spokesman Ryan McCauley shared details about the accident. “Not wearing a full-body safety harness at the time, he fell approximately 14 feet, sustaining serious leg, arm, and torso injuries.”

The hunter was notably taken by ambulance to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Lafayette, Indiana. He was then moved to Ascension St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis because he required more intensive care. McCauley also shared a message about preventing such an accident from happening. “Conservation officers remind Hoosiers that the most common hunting-related injuries are from accidents involving tree stands and elevated platforms. All hunters should wear a full-body safety harness when going up to and getting down from elevated platforms.”

DNR Warns That Tree Stand Safety is Important

According to ERegulations, out of 149 hunting accident reports filed by the DNR Law Enforcement over the past five years, 88 involved fall from tree stands. It was noted that more than 82% of the victims were not wearing any form of fall arrest device or full-body harness. Such equipment could have prevented serious injuries.

Capt. Jet Quillen, public relations captain with the DNR’s law enforcement division, spoke to WFYI about tree stand safety. “In northern Indiana, we have already had one tree stand accident,” he explained. “And that was when someone was trying to put up their stand prior to the season, in anticipation for the season, and it was not secured correctly. They really haven’t become mainstream like they have in the past couple years. So just educating the public of the importance of utilizing them.”