Minnesota Woman Dies Following Fatal Two-Car Crash with Deer

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: 4FR

A 58-year-old Minnesota woman died after being involved in a two-vehicle crash with a deer on Thursday night. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the accident occurred at 5:09 p.m. in the rural Austin area of the state.

Tragically, a vehicle struck a deer, and it flew into the windshield of another car. The woman who passed away was in the passenger seat at the time of the accident.

“The victim was transported to Mayo Clinic St Mary’s Hospital in Rochester via Mayo One for her injuries. The victim was later pronounced deceased at the hospital despite all lifesaving efforts,” the sheriff’s office said about the collision. “As a reminder to everyone as they travel the roads please slow down and stay aware for deer and other road hazards as our seasons change.”

According to AAA, in 2021, car crashes with deer between October and December jumped to 1,656 — the highest number on record since 2002. That’s also a nearly 20% increase from the year before when 1,385 crashes were reported.

The agency also reports that most crashes happen around dusk, which is in line with people’s commutes from work. Before daylight savings time ends, most collisions occur between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Then, after it ends, most accidents with deer happen between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

In addition, the company adds that drivers are especially at risk for collisions with deer right after daylight savings time ends, as they need to adapt to the darker commute home.

A recent study noted that there would be a significant decrease in crashes involving animals, mostly deer if officials permanently enacted daylight savings time.

Minnesota driver arrested after colliding with deer

Researchers concluded that there would be a decrease after they studied wildlife collision data collected from 23 states. They then took these statistics to create a model that estimates the impacts a permanent daylight savings time would have nationwide.

In October, a fellow Minnesota woman was arrested after she crashed into a deer while driving fast. Later, police discovered she was under the influence.

The 24-year-old from Solway, Minnesota, hit a deer while traveling “at a high rate of speed,” according to police officers. She then went into a ditch, with her vehicle then skidding nearly 500 feet and going through a fence, eventually coming to a halt in the tree line.

An ambulance later took her to Sanford Hospital in Bemidji. Once there, doctors transferred her to a hospital in Fargo. When police questioned her, she said she had driven around 80 mph before the crash.

Police later said she “exhibited signs of impairment” and admitted to using marijuana the night before. Police also found two bags of marijuana, marijuana wax, and marijuana vape cartridges in her car.