Missing Dog in Colorado Backcountry Found After 11 Days With the Help of a Psychic

by Taylor Cunningham

After a Colorado resident lost her dog to the backcountry, she called a psychic for help—and the psychic led the desperate owner straight to her four-legged friend.

The dog, Rosie, disappeared on August 11. Her owner, Mary Frances Weir, a Blue River native, was interviewing a dog-sitter, and the pit bull ran through the front door along with Frances’ second dog, Ginger.

Initially, Weir wasn’t concerned. As she shared with Out There Colorado, the dogs have a tendency to escape when given the opportunity. The small town, which lies about six miles south of Breckenridge, is surrounded by a national forest that the dogs like to explore. But despite being, “runners,” they always come back within an hour.

But on this day, an hour turned into three, and there was still no sign of either dog. So Weir began to “panic.”

Weir began to search for her missing dogs and quickly found Ginger about two miles away from her house. But by nightfall, she still hadn’t spotted Rosie.

With the advice of a local pet rescue, Weir started posting flyers donning Rosie’s picture all over town. And within 48 hours, she had hung 250 around town.

 “It was a miserable feeling. I couldn’t sleep,” she admitted. “I couldn’t focus on anything else.”

A ‘Desperate’ Weir Made a Last Ditch Effort to Find Her Dog By Contacting a Colorado Pet Psychic

The citizens of Blue River, Colorado, flooded Weir with support. The dog owner said that people she didn’t know began messaging her sharing that they were dedicating hours to the search. But by the ninth day, there was still no news. Feeling desperate, she decided to take a less common approach.

Weir ended up enlisting the help of an animal energy intuitive. The person claimed to have a telepathic connection to Rosie. And that connection led Frances straight to her dog.

“I know it sounds nutty, but within the hour she sent me an address. She said ‘this house has something to do with Rosie,'” Frances continued.

The tip led Frances to a house just outside of the White River National Forest.

“I go to the address and this guy, Keith, comes out. I tell him my situation. And he tells me that he saw my poster and has been looking for my dog for days.” 

With Keith’s help, Frances started searching the forested area with a “fine-toothed comb.” And “within 10 mins” Keith spotted Rosie.

“I look up to this steep scree field and I yell for her – ‘Popper, its mama!’ And that’s when she stood up,” Weir continued. “She was so skinny. All I could see were her eyes.” 

A vet later said that Rosie had lost about 25 percent of her body weight, and she was likely stuck on the slope for days. The dog was so weak when Frances found her, that she needed help walking to safety.

Rosie is now home with her best friend, Ginger, as she regains her strength. And it’s all thanks to a supposed supernatural ability.

“I am so grateful for everyone’s help and kindness,” she added. “Without Summit Pet Rescue and my community, we could not have found her.”