Missing Dog Found Stuck in Muddy Pond in Massachusetts

by Amy Myers
Photo credit Douglas Magno/AFP via Getty Images

After two days of searching, Massachusetts officials located a missing 1-year-old dog after he got trapped in a muddy pond.

Initially, Louie, the dark brown-and-white pup with soulful eyes disappeared from Crescent Street, Tewksbury near Helvetia Street and Chandler Street. Billerica Animal Control soon notified the public to be on the lookout for the young dog. Thankfully, though, just 48 hours after Louie’s family filed the report of their missing family member, animal control officers and firefighters found little Louie. Though, he was in a bit of a rough spot.

According to officials, Louie ended up at Round Pond. During his travels, the pup became stuck in one of the thick mud pits. A local quickly called in the sighting to animal control, and the rescue mission for little Louie ensued.

Thanks to the help of Fire Chief Kearns and his team, they were able to safely remove the dog from the mud and place him into a carrier. Once in the car, they snapped a goofy photo that showed Louie was still in good spirits, though desperately in need of a bath.

Cave Spelunkers Discover Dog That Had Been Missing for Over Two Months

Further west, a pair of Missouri spelunkers ended up in the middle of their own dog rescue mission when they found someone’s missing pet in the Tom Moore Cave system. At the time, Rick Haley and Gerry Keene were overseeing the sump pump system in the 24.5-mile-long cave system. While navigating through the underground corridors, Haley spotted a scraggly pooch that was in desperate need of rescue. Turns out, her name was Abby and her family had lost her more than two months before the men found her. How she ended up in the second-largest cave system in the state is still a mystery.

The Missouri spelunkers knew that they needed to help the dog out of the cave. With almost no food or water sources underground, it was a miracle that Abby survived this long. To get the poor pup back to level ground, Haley, a trained cave rescuer, carefully packed her into his duffel bag and secured it around her head.

“This was to protect her and the rescuers as she would likely struggle,” Haley explained in his Facebook post detailing the incident. “We moved her 500 feet to a very tight, awkward, vertical climb, handing her hand-to-hand upward to the surface.”

Obviously exhausted and shaken, the dog graciously accepted the help that Haley and Keene offered. The two men worked together to carry her out of the cave where they then alerted authorities of their rescue victim.

With the help of Biehle Assistant Fire Chief Robert Cahoon, the good-natured men located Abby’s family and brought her home. After the reunion, Abby’s owner returned to the cave to properly thank Haley and Keene with ice cream.