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Missing Teacher Allegedly Fed to Crocodiles by Boyfriend

by Caitlin Berard
A Group of Crocodiles at the Water's Edge
(Photo by GUILLAUME SOUVANT/AFP via Getty Images)

Three months ago, an Australian music teacher disappeared without a trace in Africa. After an extensive search and investigation, it’s been revealed that he was allegedly poisoned and thrown into a river teeming with crocodiles in the Republic of the Congo.

Mark Ciavarella, a 57-year-old English and music teacher, had been living and teaching in Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo for six years before his unexplained disappearance on October 26, 2022.

For months, officials, as well as the Ciavarella family, remained at a loss as to the teacher’s whereabouts. In a shocking update, however, Ciavarella’s former partner and roommate allegedly confessed to police that Ciavarella was killed.

In a taped confession reportedly due to be presented as evidence in a trial in March, Clement Bebeka allegedly revealed that he and another man killed Ciavarella when he broke the news that he was returning to his home country of Australia.

“I came to Brazzaville to the apartment … and [saw him] with a friend. I didn’t know if they were together, but he said Mark was going to leave the country and leave us with nothing and said we needed something to benefit. He said he had a solution,” Bebeka said, as reported by the Daily Telegraph.

Teacher’s Former Partner Feeds Him to Crocodiles Following Poisoning

In the video, Bebeka then alleges that another man poured poison into Ciavarella’s drink. They then watched as Ciavarella slowly died from poisoning. “After he drank the poison, he fell asleep, and after 35 minutes or so he was dead,” Bebeka said.

Following Ciavarella’s death, Bebeka and the other man wrapped the body in a bed sheet and threw it into the Congo River, a known crocodile’s paradise.

After feeding his partner to crocodiles, Bebeka calmly went to the police station to report Ciavarella’s disappearance.

Family of Teacher Devastated by His Death

As of now, Mark Ciavarella’s body has not been found. Sadly, as the Congo River is overflowing with crocodiles, it’s unlikely officials will recover his body so many mothers later.

“The fact they haven’t found the body and probably never will makes it harder for us in so many ways. To come to terms with his death, to get a death certificate so we can tie up his affairs… We’ll never be able to bring him home,” Mark’s brother, Darren Ciavarella, told Newsweek.

“It’s gut-wrenching what’s happened to Mark,” the grieving brother continued. “I spoke to him the day before he disappeared. He was in a good space and excited about coming back to his life in Australia.”

“If it was a crash or illness, it would be easier to come to terms with, but the fact they [allegedly] killed him and fed him to crocodiles in the sea is killing us. It’s too painful to imagine his last moments. We are absolutely devastated.”