Mississippi Deer Hunter Ends Emotionally Intense Hunt with 160-Inch Buck

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: EEI_Tony

A Mississippi bow hunter is feeling exceptionally grateful after spending hours on end wondering if he’d ever tag a deer. However, before Biloxi native Chase Borries harvested his 160-inch monster buck, his patience had worn thin. He had spent nearly all day in the woods.

Borries was hunting on public land on Oct. 1, the opening day of Mississippi’s regular archery season. Borries admitted he wasn’t as organized as he should have been and got out later than he intended. “I think I got in the woods at daybreak,” Borries said.

For Borries, hunting from the ground isn’t unfamiliar for him— something that would help him hit his goal later. According to Borries, he moved the leaves where he sat so he could not make too much noise. Then, when Borries stood up to get a clear view of his environment, he heard a noise.

“I was standing up, looking in the opposite direction. I turned around, and he was six to eight steps from me. All I could see was his body. His head was behind a tree. I didn’t even have my bow in my hand.”

Just by a glance, Borries knew it was a behemoth of a buck. He immediately dropped to his knees, picked up his bow, and started to draw while concealed from the buck. However, within seconds, everything changed.

“He immediately checks me,” Borries said. “I just froze.” The buck moved once room and Borries went to full draw. While he didn’t spook the buck, he appeared unsure of his surroundings. “He checks me a second time,” Borries said. “He looks me straight in the eyes.”

Bowhunter recruits dog handler’s help in tracking deer

Knowing his patience and luck were running out, Borries took the shot 10 yards away. Once it hit him, he bolted. “I had a bad feeling,” Borries said. “I sat there a little bit and started shaking.”

After taking a breath, Borries went to find a blood trail. Then, after tracking the deer for about 150 yards, he decided to leave so he didn’t make the buck run more.

Later, he decided to call a dog handler, Ben Moore, to recruit his help. When Moore arrived with his dogs, they started tracking the scent trail. Once they came to the thick underbrush, they located the buck. But, for Borries, he couldn’t help but get emotional.

“Even before I saw it, I got choked up,” Borries said. “Sure enough, he was laying there. He was everything I was thinking, plus more. I fell to pieces.”

The buck unofficially has a gross score of 161 5/8. It has 14 points. The main beams measure 25 2/8 inches and 24 7/8 inches with a 19 2/8-inch inside spread.