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Mississippi Hunter Harvests Second ‘Once-In-A-Lifetime’ Buck

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: jimkruger

When Mississippi buck hunter Tri Vaughan went out to hunt on Nov. 25, he had no idea how his day would play out. By the end of the day, he would have a strong sense of deja vu as he had a near repeat of a hunt from seven years ago when he took down a once-in-a-lifetime deer.

“I probably got in the stand about 2:30 or 2:45,” Vaughan said about getting out to hunt. “It’s always been a good spot.”

After a little bit, Vaughan started to see some movement. This was not surprising as he says he typically sees 15 to 20 deer on certain days. He got a good feeling about how the day would play out.

“There were two does in the food plot when I got there,” Vaughan said about the first moments of his hunt. “Somehow, I got in the stand without running them off.”

This would set the tone for the rest of the day. A small buck showed interest when he tried his hand at a grunt call.

“I grunted and saw him stand up,”he said. “I let him do his thing. He kind of milled off.” Then, ten minutes later, another buck appeared. “His body was huge,” Vaughan said. “He was looking away and I could see the extra main beam and I knew he was a shooter.”

According to Vaughan, he rarely gets nervous before pulling the trigger. However, this time was different. He was even shaking.

In addition, the buck was 160 yards away and getting ready to move out of the food plot and onto the adjoining property. This didn’t help with his nervous energy at all.

Deer hunter tags second extremely abnormal buck, say he was ‘ecstatic’

“I was trying to calm myself down, but I knew it was now or never,” he admitted. “If I didn’t make the shot, he was gone.” Then, he decided to go for it, firing off his 7mm-08. The buck started to fall but got back up and bolted.

Vaughan’s luck appeared to run out as the buck raced to the other property. In addition, he couldn’t locate a blood trail. And as the universe would have it, the buck dashed onto the neighboring property. To make matters worse, Vaughan couldn’t find a blood trail.

Then, after some hiking in the woods, he located him. “I was ecstatic, obviously. When you see him at 160 yards, you can’t tell as much detail as you can when you get your hands on him. I was like, ‘Wow.'”

After examination, Vaughan said the main frame of the buck’s rack had seven points. His additional right side beam gave it a further two points. As a result, the buck had a gross score of 134.

As abnormal as the buck is, this isn’t Buck’s first rodeo with this type of unusual buck. Seven years ago in Dec., Vaughan tagged a monster 14-point buck with double main beams on the left side. It came in with a score of 167 5/8.