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Missouri Angler Wins Big With Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket After Fishing Trip Pit Stop

by Amy Myers
Photo illustration by Brandon Bell/Getty Images

A Missouri resident decided to stop at a gas station just before a fishing trip and ended up coming home with something better than the catch of the day. The unnamed resident won the top prize off of Missouri’s seasonal “Deck the Halls” lottery tickets, which awards $50,000 to four lucky scratchers.

According to local outlets, the man stopped at the Zips Fuel Expresso off 71 Highway in Grandview, Missouri. At the time, the angler was en route to meet his brother for a day on the water. After scratching his way to 50 big ones, though, it’s safe to say the fishing trip took a back seat.

The seasonal lottery ticket offers a range of cash prizes, from $3 to $50,000. The ticket only cost the man $3 to play. Of course, the Missouri angler couldn’t be happier with the surprise payday.

“I was just like, ‘Thank you, Jesus!’” he said.

The man didn’t disclose his plans for his new wad of cash. Though, with the holidays approaching, it’s safe to say his loved ones may be getting extra special gifts this year.

South Carolina Man Nearly Forgets About His Winning Lottery Ticket Worth $300,000

Not too long before the latest lotto winner, a man in South Carolina almost threw away his chance at $300,000. Similar to the Missouri resident, this man bought his lottery ticket on a whim at a gas station. He stopped at the Pitt Stop #03 on Wilson Blvd in Blythewood, grabbing a bottle of water and the winning South Carolina Education Lottery. Without scratching it, the man placed it in his car’s center console and drove around with it for two days.

“I threw the ticket in the car’s console and forgot about it,” the man told lottery officials.

Luckily, he finally remembered that the potential gold mine was hiding in his car. After scratching it, he realized he had been driving around with $300,000.

He later told was lottery officials “overwhelmed with joy” while driving to the Claims Center in Columbia with his ticket.

Just like the recent winner, the South Carolina man wished to remain anonymous and kept his intent for the extra cash private.

Even earlier this year, a man in New York doubled his luck when he won the $10 million lottery prize twice in three years. The New York Lottery reported that the chances of winning the Delux scratch-off just once run at about 3,521,600 to 1. Of course, winning this prize twice would decrease these odds exponentially. Still, the New York man beat these odds and is now sitting pretty with a collective $20 million.

According to the lucky winner, he is “still trying to spend the $10 million” from his first winning ticket.