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Missouri Hunter Takes Down ‘Absolute Unit’ of a Raccoon, Breaks State Record

by Brett Stayton
(Photo by: Anne Richard/Getty Images)

This girthy raccoon recently shot by a hunter in Missouri is an absolute wagon. The absolute unit is big enough to officially break the state record. The raccoon weighed in at a whopping 35 pounds. According to The State, officials from the Missouri Department of Conservation simply summed up the record-breaking raccoon by saying “that’s a monster.”

Two brothers, Couper and Hunter Simmons were hunting together when Couper shot the alpha varmint. The raccoon was so big that the bros thought they might have something special. They reached out to a conservation agent in their county to get the critter weighed on an official scale. The raccoon ultimately weighed in at 35 pounds, which is 6.5 pounds bigger than the previous state record. That raccoon weighed 28 pounds and was taken by Dennis Nelson back in December 2015.

The new record will officially be recognized once the current hunting and trapping season is up at the end of February. That is unless someone else in the state checks in a coon bigger than 35 pounds.

The Missouri Department of Conservation shared the news on Facebook, with a caption that reads:

“RECORD RACCOON: Couper Simmons (right) harvested this 35-pound raccoon while hunting with his brother Hunter Simmons (left) in Worth County. They contacted Conservation Agent Brandon Lyddon, who weighed the raccoon at a certified scale. The current MDC state record raccoon is 28 pounds, 8 ounces. New records are determined at the end of the hunting and trapping seasons, which end at the end of February. Congratulations!”

Raccoons Keep Showing Up In The News

This record-breaking raccoon is the only one to make news headlines recently though. In Kansas, a group of raccoons snuck into a nature center and killed and ate a captive eagle and owl. Meanwhile, wildlife officials in Tennessee are airdropping marshmallow-flavored rabies vaccines to raccoons. A small town in South Texas had back-to-back power outages caused by raccoons over the course of just a few days. This gang of raccoons gave a business owner in West Virginia a big surprise when they popped up on his security camera. All the while some unpatriotic raccoons in New York repeatedly raided a home and defecated on an American flag.

Additionally, another group of raccoons in New York wreaked havoc on a towing impoundment earlier this year too. In Washington D.C. a group of raccoons reportedly attacked journalists outside of the White House. A raccoon was also spotted casually snacking at the Philadelphia airport. Video footage of a raccoon mauling an iguana on a Florida pool deck also went viral. Finally, a hilarious clip from Massachusetts showed a raccoon that needed some help after it got a peanut butter jar stuck on its head.