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Missouri Man Indicted After Allegedly Setting Fires in National Forest, Pointing Crossbow at Officer

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Scott T. Smith/Getty Images)

A man in Missouri has been indicted after he allegedly set fires in Mark Twain National Forest and then pointed a crossbow at a forest ranger. Lucas G. Henson of Iron County, Missouri, is facing federal charges following a fire and assault investigation.

The 36-year-old was charged with “assaulting a law enforcement officer, arson, and being a felon in possession of a firearm,” according to a report from KFVS out of Cape Girardeau. He recently pled not guilty in U.S. District Court in Cape Girardeau for actions that took place on Oct. 23.

According to the federal prosecutors, Henson allegedly set three fires in Butler and Wayne Counties. These fires damaged seven to eight acres of federal land in Mark Twain National Forest. Then, Henson pointed a crossbow at a U.S. Forest Service officer when he was confronted.

Related to the federal case, Henson is also charged with “robbery, stealing a motor vehicle, and resisting arrest,” according to the report.

Man Indicted in National Forest Fire Case, While In California a Man is Arrested for Lighting Flags On Fire

A man in Long Beach, California, was arrested earlier this month after video footage surfaced of him lighting people’s American flags on fire. Apparently, around 3:30 am on Dec. 8, he walked around a Long Beach neighborhood and set fire to the flags.

35-year-old John Leo Meylor was eventually arrested on 13 counts of arson. He was taken into custody on the same day, and was held without bail. Police first learned of the incident because multiple residents reported burned flags. One of the burning flags actually fell onto a parked BMW, which then caught fire as well.

“My best friend from across the street called and woke me up because her dog woke her up,” resident Tracy Greenberg told NBC Los Angeles. “They were burning her flag as well. Came outside, flag on fire. Car was on fire, too.”

Over a dozen flags were burned, but allegedly Meylor only went after American and military-related flags. He left others alone. The video footage was taken from several Ring doorbell cameras, with one showing the suspect standing in the victim’s driveway setting fire to their flag.

“We just can’t believe this is happening,” resident Jane Andrus told KTLA. “I walked outside and the pole was charred. The old pole was just charred and there was no flag and something was missing.”

It seems that someone must have extinguished the fire at the Andrus home, or else it went out on its own. But, Andrus said, things could have been much worse. “It was just so casual the way this person walked up and took the time and the lighter and the whole bit,” said Andrus. “My family’s home could have been taken from us very quickly and it wasn’t, and I’m very grateful.”