Missouri Spelunkers Accidentally Find Dog Missing for Months in Cave

by Amy Myers

Between the fires out west and the floods on the East Coast, we’re overdue for a feel-good story, and here it is: a couple of caving pros found a disheveled, sweet-natured dog that went missing two months ago. Without hesitation, the duo packed the pup with their gear and gingerly carried her to safety for a heart-warming reunion with her family.

The dopamine-inducing story began when cave spelunkers Rick Haley and Gerry Keene took a trip down to the Tom Moore Cave system where they were overseeing a sump pump. Within the 24.5-mile-long cave system, Haley, who is also a trained cave rescuer, spotted a rough-looking dog that was in need of a warm bath and a good meal.

As it turned out, the white-and-gray pooch was named Abby, and she had been missing since June 9.

When the duo found the lost dog, she wasn’t in good condition, Haley explained to FOX2 Kansas City. Separated from her family for over two months, Abby likely hadn’t found nearly enough food or water to sustain her. Luckily for the pup, Haley and Keene were more than happy to bring her out of the second longest cave system in the state.

So, the two beckoned the dog over and gently packed her into one of their duffel bags so that only her head and neck were poking out.

“This was to protect her and the rescuers as she would likely struggle,” Haley explained in his Facebook post. “We moved her 500 feet to a very tight, awkward, vertical climb, handing her hand-to-hand upward to the surface.”

Cavers Manage to Track Down Lost Dog’s Family

Likely exhausted and appreciative of the strangers’ help, Abby was reportedly “cooperative” during the strenuous rescue mission. It’s unclear exactly how the pup survived in the pitch-black cave. Haley stated that there was, in fact, water and small crustaceans underground, but with no visibility, it’s a miracle Abby survived long enough to see her two knights in mud-covered armor.

Once back at the surface, the two enlisted the help of Biehle Assistant Fire Chief Robert Cahoon to find the dog’s owner. Eventually, they knocked on the right door and surprised the person inside with their found, furry family member.

Elated to have Abby home safe and sound, the pup’s human thanked the men for their valiant efforts to save the sweet girl.

Following the reunion, the dog’s owner went back to the cave site to once again show their appreciation to the men. According to Haley, the person brought ice cream for Abby’s rescuers.

It’s unclear what Abby’s been up to since coming home. But we can imagine she has spent lots of time catching up on lost meals and time in the sun.