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Monster Snake Discovered Living in Train Sends Transport Police Running for Cover

by Samantha Whidden
monster-snake-discovered-living-train-sends-transport-police-running -cover
(Photo by CARL DE SOUZA/AFP via Getty Images)

Selhurst Train Deport staff in Croydon, South London witnessed quite a sight when a monster-sized snake was discovered living in a train. The reptile reportedly sent authorities running for hills.

According to The Sun, authorities were called to the depot where they were spooked out by the sane and then ran away. They then called a reptile expert, Gareth North, from the Mitcham Zoo, to assist in rescuing the massive reptile. The snake was measured to be three feet in length and was seen slithering along the floor of the Southern Rail tail carriage. The train was traveling between London, Kent, and Sussex. 

Speaking about the train’s little companion, North told the media outlet, “It was a corn snake – they’re not poisonous at all, but I believe the workers at the train depot got a bit of a shock. The British Transport Police were more scared. They arrived and checked in, saw the snake, and basically ran out of the carriage.”

North was immediately called in after the authorities quickly decided that the snake wasn’t something they can handle. “They then contacted me,” North continued. “But then by the time I got there the snake had been tried into a bag by the train workers.” 

The Snake Found on the Train May Have Been Dumped By Its Owner

North also believes that the snake may have been dumped by its owner. He then said that the reptile could have been on the train for quite some time. “We really can’t be sure how the snake got on the train. There could be several reasons for it. Trains are warm and the heating is on in those trains 24 hours every day. Out in the open, it would have died because it’s too cold. It’s not native to this country.” 

The reptile specialist then said, “It’s possible that someone has dumped it on but it’s also possible that it just escaped from a happy home and made its way onto the train while it was in the surface yard. Either way, it’s found somewhere warm to stay. At this point, we can only presume that it’s been dumped on the train – it does happen.”

However, North stated that he has seen a huge jump in owners abandoning or relinquishing their exotic pets. This is due to the cost of living expenses. He then spoke about the reptile’s current state. “Currently, we’re just looking over the snake’s condition. It’s dehydrated so it may have been on the train for an extended period of time – it’s difficult to tell. It’s got some artificial injuries just where it’s been trying to get through the heater grills on the floor.”

North went on to add that he and his team will review its state within the next couple of days. The snake will then be transported to The National Centre for Reptile Welfare (NCRW).