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Montana Community Rescues Four Horses That Fell Into Deep, Icy Pond

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Getty Images)

Four horses in Montana recently became trapped in a deep, icy pond, and community members banded together to save them. The South Kalispell Fire Department responded to the incident on Monday, Dec. 5, near Patrick Creek in South Kalispell, Montana.

First, firefighters attempted to build a ramp and dig a trench in the bank of the pond. The hope was that the horses would then climb out. But this plan was unsuccessful. More help arrived at the scene, and crews pulled a rope attached to one horse’s harness in an attempt to lead it out of the pond.

Eventually, the rescue crews used a tractor to pull the horses from the icy water. The temperature lingered in the low teens, and video of the incident shows the agitated horses snorting and trying to escape.

More than a dozen volunteers assisted with the rescue. The fire department responded, plus animal control officers from the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, volunteers from nearby Rebecca Farm and other neighbors stepped in to help. According to the fire department, the horses were taken to a nearby vet clinic for care.

16 Horses and Other Animals Rescued From Neglected Farm in Ohio

In Ashland, Ohio, sixteen horses, six goats, and numerous cats and dogs were rescued from a neglected farm in mid-November. The Ashland County Sheriff’s Office and The Humane Society of the United States arrived on the scene with a search and seizure warrant. They then cataloged the conditions and removed the animals from the scene.

The Humane Society reported horrendous conditions. Horses living in stalls with mounds of manure, and goats that had to stand upon piles of their own droppings. The horses and the goats all had overgrown hooves which needed desperate care. One of the goats had overgrown horns that were digging into the top of its head.

The goat was trapped in its stall, and several people were needed to pry the door open and rescue it. Additionally, rescuers found a female horse with a ruptured and infected eye among the animals.

“It’s like walking into an abandoned, forgotten barn, but there are beautiful living beings trapped here. You can only imagine how long these animals have been suffering in these conditions,” said Mark Finneran, Ohio director for the Humane Society of the United States. “We are grateful to the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office and everyone involved in intervening.”

“We take great pride in taking care of the animals in our community. The assistance of the HSUS allowed us to intervene without causing a burden on our community’s resources,” Ashland County Sheriff Wayne Risner shared. In addition to the Sheriff’s Department and the Humane Society, Days End Farm Horse Rescue and Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary also assisted in the rescue.