Montana Woman Faces Major Public Backlash After Skinning Husky Dog Thinking It Was a Wolf

by Lauren Boisvert
(Image Credit: Ricardo Valadares Barrosso/Getty Images)

A woman in Montana is under fire after she killed a Siberian husky dog and posted photos on Facebook claiming she shot a wolf pup. The graphic photos (which can be seen here) show what is clearly a young husky dog. It has distinct white and black fur, with facial markings common among Siberian huskies. At first glance, it’s very clear that this is a dog, not a wolf. Not even a wolf pup. Not even a hybrid wolf-dog, as the woman claims. This is just a dog, plain and simple.

The images and Facebook post have made the rounds of Reddit and hunting forums like Hunt Talk. The initial post on the Montana-specific Hunt Talk forum asked, “Anyone in the Kalispell Area Missing a Husky?” The comments on the post range from disgust, to shock, to sad acceptance.

The Internet Slams Woman Who Killed Dog and Skinned It

“I saw this on social media,” wrote one user on Hunt Talk. “She proudly posted it on a [Montana] Facebook group and was flamed.” Another user replied with a meme of Olivia Benson from “Law & Order: SVU” with the caption “[stares in especially heinous],” a play on the opening monologue from the show.

“Seeing your dog skinned out on the back of some jack—‘s truck in a Facebook post would be a real sh—y way to find out what really happened to your missing dog,” another user commented. They continued, “Is there anything she could be charged with though? I know someone posted she was reported to [Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks] but what charges could they throw at her [?]”

On that subject, it’s currently unknown if there are any crimes police could charge this woman with. In her Facebook post, she claimed the dog was “growling, howling, and charging” at her. Essentially, by her word, she acted in self-defense. But, there’s no one to corroborate her story, as she was hunting alone.

Woman Killed, Skinned Siberian Husky and Claimed It Was a ‘Wolf’

The woman deleted the initial Facebook post. But, people posted it on Reddit and other forum pages, and users are coming in hot.

“I would be calling my game wardens asap,” one Reddit user commented. “Get her banned from ever having a license and they might take that rifle too.” Another simply replied, “Someone who’s never actually seen a wolf.” As stated earlier, the dog had distinct Siberian husky markings. It is clearly a dog, but this woman still tried to claim ignorance.

“I’ve never seen a wolf IRL, I don’t think there’s wolves in my country (in the wild) and I can, clear as day, see that’s a dog,” wrote another user. There are only about 1,141 wolves left in Montana as of 2021. It’s possible that this woman has never actually seen one. That could possibly explain why she thought a small husky was a wolf, but it certainly doesn’t excuse it.

One user asked, “How tf does a hunter in Montana not know the difference between a wolf and a husky?” In the comments, users responded. “Because she’s sadistic, it’s not about hunting to fill the freezer to her it’s probably a rush for her to kill things,” one user wrote. “She saw a bright shiny target (a clean and clearly domestic husky, which are absolutely renowned for escaping and hauling ass in any direction) and shot it. Because it was there and was an obvious target. Like a kid with a rock walking past a house made of glass.”