Montana Woman Kills and Skins Husky Dog Thinking It Was a Wolf

by Lauren Boisvert
(Image Credit: Jaliyah Carr/Getty Images)

In unfortunate hunting news out of Montana, a woman killed and skinned a Siberian husky dog because she thought it was a wolf. She proudly posted the graphic images on Facebook, where viewers quickly made her aware of her mistake. She then posted a status that contradicted her original post, claiming that she knew it was a dog but that it was acting aggressively and “charging” at her. The woman claimed she put the dog down in self-defense.

The post made the rounds on hunting message boards and Reddit pages. Allegedly, Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks got involved in the investigation as well. The incident occurred in Montana’s Flathead County, and according to a report from TMZ, the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, Animal Control, and the Fish and Game Department are getting involved.

It all started around 11:00 in the morning on Sunday, Sept. 25, when the woman posted on Facebook. “So this morning I set out for a solo predator hunt for a fall black bear,” she wrote, “however I got the opportunity to take another predator wolf pup 2022 was a great feeling to text my man and say I just smoked a wolf pup. #firstwolf #onelesspredatorMT.”

She included photos of the “wolf,” one of the animal whole, with the subsequent photos featuring the woman posing with the “wolf” skin. From the images, which are extremely graphic, it’s clear that this is a Siberian husky dog. It is white with black markings on its face. Wolves are usually brown and gray, all black, or a more beige-white color. They are usually not so distinctly marked as a Siberian husky. Either this woman has never seen a Siberian husky, or she’s never seen a wolf.

Montana Woman Kills What She Thinks is a Wolf Pup, Message Boards Ask ‘Is Anyone Missing a Dog?’

A message on the Hunt Talk forum asked “Anyone in the Kalispell Area Missing a Husky?” The post featured the woman’s gruesome photos. Montana hunters took to the comments to express sympathy for the dog and its owners. They also discussed what is possibly being done about the incident. According to one forum member, the woman posted the images on a Montana hunting group and was promptly called out.

On Reddit, one user claimed that the woman purchased a wolf tag after she shot the dog. In other words, even if she shot a wolf, she didn’t initially have a hunting tag for it. But, in her follow-up post, she claimed she did have a tag for the “wolf” before she shot it.

Woman Claims She Shot a ‘Hybrid Wolf Pup’ Instead of Someone’s Pet

“A lot of things in your articles and post are not true what’s so ever!” she wrote on Facebook. “I purchased my wolf tag prior to leaving for a bear hunt in the event I ran into a wolf in which I came to encounter with what I thought could be a hybrid during this time […] my safety was top priority this animal was growling howling and coming at me like it was going to eat me.”

She then admitted that she was in the wrong. But, she countered by claiming she was unaware of an incident involving dogs being released in the Montana woods. “Yes I made a mistake because I did think it was a hybrid wolf pup,” she wrote, “but I was not aware of 19 dogs being dropped 11 miles into the wilderness either way yes I would still have shot it because it was aggressive and coming directly for me! So please remove all your post thinking I just shot and killed someone’s pet!”

She continued, “I am human, did I make a mistake thinking it was a hybrid wolf pup however there are no charges against me as I did NOT break any laws!!! I’m not a cruel individual just [out] killing people[s] pets!”

The issue that comes up here is that hybrid wolf-dogs are still just that: part dog. They can be kept as pets, and a lot of them are. Either way, this woman killed someone’s pet, and she was aware of it. There is no word yet on what charges can be filed against her, if any. Additionally, there is no word on the alleged 19 huskies abandoned in the Montana woods.