Moose Wandering Through Salt Lake City Relocated

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Michael S. Lewis

According to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, officials have relocated a young moose after it was spotted roaming around Salt Lake City over multiple days. Per reports from the department, people saw the moose in the Avenues neighborhood of the Utah city. On Friday, DWR biologists found the animal once it had settled in someone’s backyard.

Later, officials moved the moose to a more appropriate habitat and safer location for the animal. However, the agency did not provide details about where it was moved. DWR officials later shared a video on social media showing the process.

Across the country in Maine, the Warden Service is asking for the public’s health after finding an illegally killed moose and badly hurt bald eagle. During the week of September 26, Maine wardens found an illegally slaughtered animal in northern Aroostook County. According to a Facebook post by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, someone reportedly shot the animal and left it in Township 13 near mile 36 on the Rocky Brook Road.

The suspect also reportedly hid the moose in tree tops and branches. The post added that officials found it off an unnamed road 500 yards from Rocky Brook Road.

Later, Wardens located an injured bald eagle that someone shot in the Mattawamkeag area. When wardens responded to the scene at Wilderness Park Road, they found the eagle and brought it to a rehabilitation facility. While at the facility, they also found shotgun pellets in the bird’s body following X-ray analysis.

Now, the Maine Operation Game Thief is offering a reward of $4,500 for information about the injured eagle. They’re also offering $3,000 for information on the moose.

Wildlife officials spot the same moose hanging around New Mexico

In addition, New Mexico Game and Fish believe they’ve spotted the same moose the agency has seen in the state.

This week, people in Mora were surprised when they saw a moose hanging around the area. In addition, people also saw the same animal between Mora and Las Vegas. The agency now thinks the young male is the same one that was seen on October 3 in Questa. People also spotted that same moose in Taos Pueblo on October 14.

“Generally what we find young male moose looking for new habitat or breeding opportunities as they disperse,” said Ryan Darr with New Mexico Game and Fish Department.

In addition, a moose has been spotted on and off over the last few years in Costilla, near the Colorado state line. New Mexico Game and Fish says they’ve tracked that moose back to Colorado. However, it seems he comes to visit occasionally.

You would need the right conditions and some female moose to have an established moose population. New Mexico Game and Fish says that while a couple of females have been seen over the years, there’s no evidence they’ve stuck around.