Mother Sues City Near Huntington Beach After Daughter Bitten on Face by Coyote

by Tia Bailey
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

A woman is suing a city near Huntington Beach. The lawsuit comes a few months after her toddler daughter was bitten on her face by a coyote.

The mother, Breanne Thacker and her two kids were hanging out near the Huntington Beach Pier when a coyote knocked her daughter to the ground. The animal bit her 2-year-old daughter’s face before running off.

Now, the mother is suing the city.

In a press conference, Thacker’s lawyer Sam Soleimany said: “Essentially the coyote ran up and it tore the girl’s face, leaving deep lacerations and now scars on her face.”

He then continued: “Frankly, she’s lucky to be alive at all. Unfortunately, she has developed scars on her face. She’s absolutely traumatized from all this, as is her mother.”

According to ABC 7, “The claim alleges the city failed to respond to the public safety threat posed by the increasing coyote population despite numerous sightings and incidents involving the animal prior to the attack.”

Soleimany explained what could have prevented this attack on the toddler.

“What the city could have done differently in this case was follow the portions of their plan that called for hazing teams to be created to address the risk of encroaching coyotes,” he said. “It does not appear they actually did that and based on the new plan it appears they’ve jettisoned it as an option.”

Thacker’s lawyer also stated that his client “panics at the sight” of most dogs now since the attack.

The city of Huntington Beach shared in a statement, “The City of Huntington Beach is unable to comment on legal matters but can confirm receipt of the claim filed relating to the April 28, 2022 incident.”

Coyote Put Down in Town in Vermont

In Vermont, a coyote has been put down in the city of Burlington. This is the fourth of the wild dogs to be put down in the city.

The animal was suspected to be involved in several attacks on residents. The city shared several tweets about the situation.

“Did you know that most coyotes are naturally afraid of humans and should remain wild animals with little human interference. That means NO feeding,” they wrote.

They explained: “A 4th coyote was stalking and chasing people. It has been eliminated because it was aggressive, not afraid of humans or showing normal coyote behaviour.”

Also in the thread, the city shares several things to do if you see one of the animals. This includes not feeding it.

“If you see a coyote, haze the coyote. Make noise, throw something, spray it with a hose or water gun, wave your arms and make yourself look as big as possible. Never run or turn your back on the coyote. Report coyote sightings using the form here:,” they said.