Motorcyclist Airlifted To Hospital After Colliding With Tree on Colorado Trail

by Tia Bailey
(Photo via Getty Images/ Stock Photo)

A motorcyclist had to be airlifted after an accident. The person collided with a tree while riding on a Colorado Trail.

According to Douglas County Search and Rescue, an unnamed motorcyclist was injured over the weekend in Colorado. Crews were called to help, and when they arrived, the person was airlifted to a nearby hospital due to the extent of their injuries.

They were driving around Rampart Range when they collided with a tree and were thrown off of the bike.

Details and identity have not yet been released.

Motorcyclist Injured After Deer Jumps in Front of Bike

Another motorcyclist, this time in Ohio, was also injured after a collision on their bike. The 28-year-old man was riding his motorcycle in Washington Township, Ohio, when a deer jumped out in front of him. He struck the deer, and his bike flipped, causing the motorcyclist to hit the pavement.

With fall being here, deer sightings on the roads are more common.

“Drivers don’t need to just be focused dead on what’s ahead of them,” TCSO spokesperson Casey Roebuck said. “You also need to be focused on the full horizon, because a lot of times they’re gonna come out of a tree line, they’re gonna come out of a field.”

It’s super important to be extra careful while driving, especially if you are on a bike in which accidents are very frequent.

Utah City Euthanizes “Nuisance’ Deer

Bountiful, Utah has been experiencing a deer problem. Deer have been damaging yards and gardens around the city.

Bountiful City Manager Gary Hill spoke about the issue.

“We’ve had reports over the years of deer being aggressive toward people,” he said. “Definitely toward animals and then many deer auto accidents. Residents asked the City Council to see what they can do.”

In order to come up with a solution, the city and the state’s Division of Wildlife Resources teamed up. While in the past, the deer were tranquilized and relocated, it was shown that the relocated deer had a very low survival rate.

Now, when they trap the deer, they are euthanized.

“These are deer that don’t migrate necessarily down from the foothills. These are deer that are bred in town and in some of our valleys and backyards,” Hill said.

Last year, 45 deer were euthanized in Bountiful, and 17 this year. However, they do not dispose of the deer — they are given to needy families. Families in need can sign up with the city to receive the meat to harvest.

“To date, the last two years of this program, I believe every deer that we’ve euthanized has been taken by a family,” Hill said.

It’s a way to give back to the community and make something good of the bad situation.