Motorcyclist Hits Moose on Colorado Road, Sustains Serious Injuries

by Tia Bailey
Photo by KAREN BLEIER/AFP/GettyImages

A motorcyclist was left seriously injured after hitting a moose on the road in Colorado. The moose died in the crash.

Adam Lamb, 44, of Colorado Springs, got in the accident at 6:10 p.m. on Park County Road 62 on the Grant side of the pass, according to Out There Colorado. The motorcycle hit the moose, and then hit a roadside post, which caused Lamb to be thrown from his bike. The moose died, and Lamb currently is suffering from serious injuries including broken arms.

Sgt. Troy Kessler, a Colorado State Patrol spokesman, said that investigators suspect that alcohol and excessive speed contributed to the crash. The investigation is still ongoing.

Moose Dies in Colorado After Getting Tangled and Stuck

A moose in Colorado also recently died at a resort. The moose got stuck in Keystone Resort’s snowmaking equipment, and the stress caused the animal’s body to shut down. According to Summit Daily, wildlife managers said the incident is something they have never seen before.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson Rachael Gonzales spoke about the incident to the publication.

Parks and Wildlife shared that the cause of death was capture myopathy. This is a non-infectious disease that happens when animals are under extreme stress, exertion, or struggle, and it damages their muscles. This is more common in wildlife animals than domestic.

“It’s basically just that stress on his body,” Gonzales said to the publication. “Probably trying to get out from being tangled ended up actually shutting down his body.”

This time of year is when moose look to rub the velvet off of their antlers, which sometimes causes them to get tangled.

Resort employees called Parks and Wildlife, but by the time they saw what had happened, it was too late for the moose, who sadly died.

Climber Saved in Colorado

A climber in Colorado “cliffed-out” and got off-route in the Crestone Needle Mountain. The only gear he had on him was “Garmin InReach, a cell phone with charging bank, food, water … a headlamp, many extra batteries, and suitable clothing.”

Thankfully, an emergency team was able to find and rescue the man. It was reported that he did not seem to sustain any injuries.

“It is crucial when choosing to climb Crestone Needle that route research is thorough and precise. The terrain in this area is complex, exposed, and potentially deadly, underscoring the importance of skillful navigation. This is especially true if you are not ascending and descending the same route,” Custer County Search and Rescue wrote on its website.

This is a notoriously difficult area to climb in. Just from 2015-2021, rescuers have had to make 24 different missions to help people. The county emphasizes doing research before taking on the route.