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Mountain Goat Poacher in Alaska Caught on Camera by Hunting Guide

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Kichigin)

A mountain goat poacher is facing jail time now after an Alaskan hunting guide caught the criminal on camera.

It’s a case of being in the right place at the right time this summer for Ketchikan resident and mountain goat hunting guide Marvin McCloud as he heard a gunshot. McCloud quickly turned his attention to the area from where the shot came and saw a young man carrying a rifle emerged from the bushes.

According to reports, the man who fired the gun is 20-year-old Brett Jatrinski, a Massachusetts native. Initially, McCloud recalls, he didn’t think much about the shot. It was officially deer season, he recalls. However, this area isn’t known to be heavy in deer populations.

Hunting Guide Catches Mountain Goat Poacher Red-Handed While Scouting For Upcoming Season

Marvin McCloud was hiking along the backcountry areas of Achilles Mountain looking at the mountain goat population, preparing for the upcoming season. This season is a very limited one with just three draw tags and a single Governer’s tag distributed for the season. The hunting guide was in the area scouting for some quality mountain goats to keep an eye on for the quality hunt when he spotted the poacher.

According to his recounting of events, McCloud was filming a group of billy goats for about 15 minutes when they wandered into a shrubbery. This is when McCloud heard the first shot.

The hunting guide quickly turned his camera toward Jatrinski as the young man emerged from the bushes. He set up his rifle for another shot. And, it was in this instant that McCloud realized where the poacher was aiming … straight at the mountain goats. Jatrinski fired the shot, and McCloud filmed, helpless, as the bullet took down the billy goat.

“I’m assuming he shot the first one and thought he missed,” McCloud explains.

“Then thought [the second goat] was the one he missed,” the hunting guide continues. McCloud adds that another man soon joined the mountain goat poacher after the second animal was shot.

The Hunting Guide Quickly Calls In Authorities

McCloud soon decided it was time to give the Ketchikan Wildlife officials a call to report the incident. He was able to give the authorities the poachers’ location. He was even able to share where the men likely parked their vehicles.

“The troopers went out that night and got license plate numbers,” the hunting guide recalls. McCloud adds that it was quite foggy on the mountain that next morning so he didn’t expect to see the poachers return.

“They didn’t seem like they had enough mountain savvy to come up here in the fog,” McCloud says.

“So I went down to where I had last seen the goat,” he continues. “Within about 15 minutes, I found it, sent the location to the troopers, and headed off the mountain.”

Jatrinski was sentenced to 7 days in jail and was given a $5,000 fine for the packing activity. He was also ordered to forfeit his rifle and will be on probation for three years. Additionally, the poacher is banned from hunting and fishing for two years.