National Park Service Funding New Recreational, Restoration Projects in West Virginia

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

The National Park Service has awarded West Virginia with money. The money will be put towards funding new recreational and restoration projects.

The state was given $2.4 million. According to the Associated Press, “$900,000 to Mannington Hough Park Pool Replacement, $750,000 to Canaan Valley State Park Trails Accessibility Improvements in South Charleston, $668,117 to Southwood Park Pool Enhancement in Parkersburg, $71,500 to Myles Stadium renovations Phase II in Pennsboro and $54,302 to Paw Paw Municipal Park improvements in Paw Paw.”

Over in Colorado, the National Park Service has also announced they will expand a historical site outside of Denver.

The Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site expansion is dedicated to over 200 Native Americans who were killed by U.S. soldiers in 1864.

Patrick Spottedwolf, a chief with the Southern Arapaho tribe, shared a statement about the expansion.

“This is great. A step forward,” Spottedwolf said to the crowd at the announcement. “It’s time to lift up our history and get it in the books and remember what happened to our people.” 

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland shared a speech with the crowd as well.

“We can’t rely on history books that were written by those who colonized these lands to remember these stories,” she said. “We must invest in opportunities like this that offer the chance for true and honest dialogue straight from survivors and their descendants.” 

She continued: “Today is a sign we are making progress. But this, however, is not the end of a journey. We have more work to do to heal wounds in tribal communities.” 

National Park Service Warns People Not to Swim in Ocean as Hurricane Ian Hits

Hurricane Ian has ravaged several states. The National Park Service asked people to not swim Cape Hatteras National Seashore last weekend as the hurricane made its way to North Carolina.

Additionally, people should avoid Rodanthe Beach.

The National Weather Service also shared updates on the weather that hit the state.

“Regardless of the exact track of Ian, there is the potential for extensive impacts to eastern North Carolina,” they wrote. “Heavy rain bands will bring rainfall amounts up to 5 to 8 inches, which will bring the threat of localized flooding, especially in low-lying, urban, and poor drainage areas. Life-threatening storm surge inundation of 2 to 4 feet above ground is possible along much of the coast.”

The warning comes shortly after people spotted two men swimming in Florida during the hurricane. The act was also caught on camera.

“DO NOT DO THIS,” local reporter Brenna Weick said on her Twitter page, where she shared the video. “I can’t stress enough how dangerous this is.”

However, many in the comments pointed out that they may have jumped in to save someone. Either way, it was a scary video from the hurricane.