Nearly 50 Cows Die After Cattle Truck Rolls Over in Oklahoma

by Lauren Boisvert

In unfortunate news, nearly 50 cows died in Oklahoma when a cattle truck overturned on the highway on Sunday morning. Other cows were injured in the accident as well. Around 10:30 am on Sunday, Oklahoma City Fire responded to the accident on Interstate 44, which reportedly took hours to clear from the roadway.

KOCO out of Oklahoma City reported that there were no other cars involved in the crash and that the truck driver was uninjured. However, several cows were killed or injured when the truck lost control and rolled over. OKC Fire reported there were 90 to 100 cows in the trailer at the time.

Initially, it was reported that 14 cows had died and 26 were injured from the upper level of the cattle truck. New numbers from Monday reported by WSAZ out of Huntington, WV show that 47 of the 104 cows on both levels of the trailer perished in the accident.

Loose Cows Hold Up Traffic On Florida Turnpike After Escaping Burning Trailer

Back in July, some cows held up traffic on the Florida Turnpike after escaping a burning trailer on the road in Osceola County. At around 11:30 in the morning, a cattle hauler from Alabama was driving along the Turnpike when his truck caught fire. He pulled over and freed the herd of about 70 cows from the burning truck and trailer. The cows and the driver were uninjured.

But, there was then the little problem of loose cows on the Turnpike. The cows wandered across the southbound lanes to Saint Cloud and stayed put for hours. Fire crews had to maneuver their way through the herd to get to the fire, which they extinguished. They then had the delightful job of rounding up the herd, which had stopped traffic for 30 miles.

Police officers managed to gather the herd and open southbound lanes again. But, there were still some stragglers that they had trouble rounding up. Northbound traffic was rerouted through Yeehaw Junction while mounted officers searched for any missing cattle. The entire incident lasted until 4:30 pm when traffic finally began to flow as normal.

Want Fewer Cow Farts? Genetics May Come Into Play

In other cow news, genetic scientists may have cracked the code on how to make cows fart less, which could be great for greenhouse gas emissions. Genus plc, a British-based genetics company, has created a new “envirocow” that emits less methane through their flatulence. They began testing in April, looking for the least-gassy calves. From there, they plan to grow the herd.

There’s no way to make an animal “carbon neutral.” But, there are ways to reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions significantly. Methane is 25 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide. Most of its production comes from cattle farming. If there’s even a small act that we can take to reduce the harm on our planet, we should definitely go all in.