Nearly 700-Pound Grizzly Bear Attacks Man Hunting Near Montana Creek

by Jonathan Howard
Getty Images

When you go outdoors, you never know what might happen. A Washington bird hunter in Montana suffered a grizzly bear attack. The 51-year-old was out with his wife in the Montana wilderness and ended up on the wrong end of this bear’s path.

The grizzly bear weighed 677 pounds and was a raging beast during the attack. When the hunter was able to fire his shotgun, he wounded the bear. This gave them some time to get out of the way. The married couple and their dogs were able to leave the creek bottom in Teton County and get to safety.

Thankfully, the man suffered non-life-threatening injuries. That grizzly bear could have done a lot more damage if the hunter didn’t act quickly. That spread shot likely saved their lives. After the attack was reported to officials, bear specialists, game wardens, and more got involved.

The search party looked for the bear in the area, was able to find it, and eventually euthanized it. This bear was deemed too aggressive and too much of a risk to remain alive. The bear did not have a history with wildlife officials. They had never handled this male bear in the past. However, it had never caused any human-bear conflict in the past.

Being in the wilderness can be a beautiful experience. Some of the best times of your life. Peaceful, serene – but make no mistake, bear country is bear country. Folks have to be ready for when the worst might happen. That means carrying bear mace, shouting as you hike to keep bears at bay before you cross paths, and sometimes that means carrying a gun.

When it comes to a grizzly bear attack, a firearm can be the one thing between life and death.

Grizzly Bear Attack in Alaska

It was just last month in Alaska when a hunter suffered an attack by a grizzly bear. Nicholas Kuperus of Michigan, 33, was out on a moose hunt. He had friends with him as the group hunted 300 miles northeast of Anchorage. Despite hunting moose, it was a grizzly hunting them.

The group was trying to find a good place to camp out for a while. That’s when they came across a momma bear and her three cubs. Those hunters didn’t know what they had done. Now, they were faced with four bears. Kuperus’ nephew stuck his arm out as the sow charged at them and was swatted away by the bear.

It was bear mace that saved the group in the end. They were able to fend off the bear and then fire handguns to scare it off for good. Using satellite communications, they called for help and were able to get the injured young man to safety.