New Hampshire Fisherman Lands State Record Channel Catfish

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

A New Hampshire man has made a state record. The fisherman caught a huge catfish, smashing the previous record in the state.

Scott Alexander Jr. caught the 15-pound, 12.8-ounce fish in the Connecticut River at the end of September. New Hampshire Fish and Game shared a photo of the man and the catfish to Facebook.

“We have a new state record channel catfish! Scott Alexander, Jr. of Sullivan, NH landed the fish back on September 27th. The big cat measured 31.9 inches and weighed 15 lbs 12.8 oz.,” they wrote. “He was fishing the Connecticut River near Hinsdale. The previous record, a 31.3-in 15 lb-5.28 oz specimen caught by Matt Smith just recently in August of 2020, was also from the Connecticut River. Channel catfish are not native to NH and are believed to have come up the river from Connecticut and Massachusetts. Who will be the next record setter!”

According to, many consider the Connecticut River home to New Hampshire’s only fishable channel catfish. They aren’t common in the state at all.

Hurricane Ian Leaves Yard Filled With Catfish

It’s been a few weeks since Hurricane Ian made its way through Florida and Cuba, but the effects are still there. The winds and floods brought many strange situations — electric cars catching on fire, sharks in the streets, and, for some people, catfish in their yard.

USA TODAY Network-Florida producer Jennifer Sangalang shared a video of two catfish in her driveway.

Florida Today shared the clip to TikTok with the caption: “Uh, thanks, #hurricaneian! Found a catfish in our driveway (and we don’t live near a lake.)”


Uh, thanks, hurricaneian! Found a catfish in our driveway (and we don’t live near a lake) 🎥 by @jensangalang #ian #weirdtok #florida

♬ original sound – FLORIDA TODAY

The video was so strange, and just added onto the odd happenings that the hurricane brought.

Massachusetts Beekeeper Arrested For Using Bees as Weapon Against Police

Police recently let a Massachusetts woman go after arresting her. She unleashed angry bees on the officers during a protest.

Rorie Woods, 55, is a beekeeper from Hadley, Massachusetts, and was protesting along with others against the eviction of a longtime resident. shared more details about the situation from the police report.

“During this time, the officers secured the premises and waited for Mr. King to return, as we were told that he was at court trying to delay the eviction,” deputy sheriff Daniel H. Soto wrote in a report.

Woods showed up to the protest in an SUV with a trailer attached.

“At that time a female later identified as Rorie Susan Woods exited her vehicle and went to the back of the trailer and started shaking bee hives to let the bees out,” the report says. “Deputy Michael Joslyn attempted to stop Woods who successfully freed one of the hives by breaking the cover…causing hundreds of bees to swarm around. Deputy Joslyn was stung in the face and had to retreat.”

Police arrested her, but eventually let her go without having to post bail.