New Hampshire Man Facing Charges for Shooting Turkey From Car Window

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Joe McDonald/Getty Images)

A New Hampshire man is facing charges after he allegedly shot a turkey from his car window. The man, from Cheshire County, New Hampshire, supposedly used a 9mm handgun to shoot the turkey from his car. Conservation officers from New Hampshire Fish and Game received a call from a concerned citizen about the incident.

Officials from New Hampshire Fish and Game were assisted in their investigation by Massachusetts Environmental Police. The man was not identified, and no further information about the case is known at this time. Fish and Game officials ask that anyone who witnesses poaching or is aware of a poaching incident call Operation Game Thief in their area. In New Hampshire, the number is 1-800-344-4262.

Nearly 700,000 Turkeys Euthanized in Early November Due to Avian Flu

In Utah earlier this month, a wave of avian flu swept through the turkey population. This led to the mass euthanasia of nearly 700,000 turkeys in the state. According to Utah Department of Agriculture and Food officials, avian flu was detected in the turkey population earlier in the year. It wasn’t until August that it really started to take hold. The department reports that almost 2.2 million wild birds have suffered from avian flu across the United States.

Apparently, Utah turkey farmers are seeing the worst of the disease. Bailee Woolstenhulme, public information officer with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, said as much in a statement.

“This is a huge impact to these farmers,” Woolstenhulme said to St. George News in early November, “and [to] the local economies where these farms are located. From the workers that work on those farms and also, the income that comes from selling the turkeys each year. This will also have a fairly big impact on consumers as well.”

The turkeys who were euthanized were from 18 different farms across Utah. The hope is to curtail the spread of the disease and save as many birds as possible. Euthanasia also ends the sick birds’ suffering quickly and painlessly.

Could Avian Flu Put a Damper on Thanksgiving?

The fact that about 2.2 million birds have suffered is already bad enough. But, some consumers are wondering if this outbreak is going to ruin their Thanksgiving meals. Avian flu is transmitted from wild birds to birds on farms and even backyard chickens. The disease is more prevalent during spring and fall when the birds migrate. So, that begs the question: are we going to have any turkeys left this holiday season?

According to the USDA, turkey prices could rise as much as 50%, meaning we could see an almost $2 increase. With inflation already pushing prices to their limit, some consumers may just forego the turkey this year.