New Home Trends Institute Reveals Outdoor Living Spaces Are More Important Than Ever to Homeowners

by Sean Griffin

A new report recently released shows that now more than ever, homeowners prioritize outdoor living spaces in their home-buying efforts.

The New Home Trends Institute just released its July 2022 Survey Insights Report. John Burns Real Estate Consulting collaborates with Pro Builder to run The New Home Trends Institute.

The new report highlights how new shifts currently emerge in the world of home buying. Namely, shifting homebuyer expectations remain a big change; also the reallocation of indoor and outdoor spaces and floor-plan design are other components of home-buying that are changing.

The report gives a summary that breaks down each main topic of the home: home features, the outdoors, and styles.

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have altered many homeowner’s expectations and desires in a home. According to the New Home Trends Institute, “52% of architectural designers are designing outdoor spaces differently, due to the pandemic.”

All the time spent cooped up inside made people appreciate their backyards more. Moreover, it seems to have driven people to reimagine what their backyard could be.

Covered outdoor rooms, patios, and front porches are the most often included outdoor spaces, according to the institute.

The following list ranks each outdoor home feature in the order of how often each component appeared in 2021 home design plans.

The most sought-after outdoor living space was a covered outdoor room/open-air room.

  1. Covered outdoor room/open-air room
  2. Patio
  3. Front porch or wraparound porch
  4. Balcony
  5. Deck (excluding rooftop)
  6. Open yard
  7. Courtyard
  8. Roof deck

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Finds Renewed Love for Outdoor Living

Melissa Gilbert starred on Little House on the Prairie for nearly a decade as Laura Ingalls Wilder. After the show ended, she focused much of her attention on acting in television movies.

In a recent interview with People, she talked about the pressures of keeping up with appearances in her Hollywood career. She talked about her constant plastic surgeries and how she tried to chase an elusive look.

“I finally woke up and went, ‘What am I doing? I look like a carrot top, and I’m not happy,’” she shared with People.

Around then, she abandoned her life in Hollywood for a more rustic life, similar to the one her character lived on the hit NBC show. She soon married her husband, fellow actor Timothy Busfield in 2013.

“I cut off all my hair and quit doing Botox and all that stuff,” she said. The Little House on the Prairie alum also said she had found a “reawakened love for the outdoors.”

Gilbert is no stranger to advocacy or letting her voice be known. In 2016, she ran as a Democrat for a US Congressional seat in Maryland. However, she later withdrew from the race due to health issues stemming from a 2012 car accident.

Melissa Gilbert now lives in peace and quiet with her husband in New York’s Catskill Mountains.